Now is the Time to Think About Rubber Matting!

With summer winding down and winter on the horizon, now is a good time to think about your rubber matting needs.

Canada Rubber Group (CRG) carries a wide range of rubber matting to address your floor covering needs. Our mats are purpose-built and can service the following applications and environments:

Non-slip matting. These mats are designed to address applications where fluids and debris accumulates on floor surfaces, such as in production environments and food service and processing. Non-slip rubber matting is designed to allow fluids and debris to easily fall through the matting, providing workers with a dry, anti-slip surface. These mats can significantly reduce worker slips and falls resulting from slippery floor surfaces, decreasing injury time-off and worker compensation claims. Non-slip matting that CRG can supply includes the Heronair, HerongripA, and Vynagrip styles.

Anti-fatigue matting. These mats are the preferred choice in situations where worker comfort and fatigue is an issue. Anti-fatigue mats alleviate the worker discomfort that results from standing, while providing a stable standing environment. CRG supplies At-Ease, Workstation, Utopia, and Comfort King anti-fatigue mats. In addition, we are also offering Sparksafe anti-fatigue heat-resistant matting. This matting features a special heat resistant composition designed to repel sparks and hot metal fragments in industrial workplaces, welding stations and assembly areas, machine shops and wherever heat generating equipment is in use.

Anti-static matting. A good quality anti-static mat dissipates static charge build-up which can damage sensitive electronic components and equipment. By dissipating static charge as it accumulates, these mats also prevent the incidence of sparks which could initiate combustion or explosions. CRG supplies Airsoft™, Anti Stat, Stat-Zap, and Comfort King anti-static matting.

High-voltage matting. These mats are designed for use in high-voltage applications where workers must be insulated and protected from electrical shocks. High-voltage matting is used as a floor covering to prevent shock around high voltage electrical apparatuses, fuse boxes, switchgear, control panels and heavy machinery.  CRG supplies Switchboard high-voltage matting. The matting is available in 3 standard sizes and custom cuts are also available.

Entrance matting. Rubber entrance matting is the ideal first barrier to prevent dirt entering buildings. By cutting down the amount of tracked in dirt, a good entrance mat can greatly reduce the costs associated with building maintenance and cleaning. CRG offers the Gateway, Gateway Plus, Gateway Brush Hog, and Gateway Solid Black entrance mats.

Consider CRG for your next rubber matting purchase. Our matting styles are available in both standard, off-the-shelf sizes, as well as custom cut to fit your particular requirements. We can also work with you to develop the optimal floor covering for your particular application.

For more information on our matting styles, please visit our Rubber Matting & Flooring page, or contact our sales department directly at