NSF-61 Certified Gasket Material

CRGI is now offering Teadit NA1082SAN NSF-61 certified gasket material for drinking water applications.

The NA1082SAN gasket material was developed by Teadit North America to allow compliance for drinking water system components with NSF-61, from source to tap. Certification of the NA1082SAN gasket material to NSF-61 provides a high level of assurance that the sheet is safe for use in drinking water service.

Developed by a team of scientists, industry experts and key industry stakeholders, the NSF-61 standard sets health effects criteria for many water system components including sealing materials such as rubber sheet. Increasingly, in North America, products are required to comply with the NSF-61 standard by most governmental agencies that regulate drinking water supplies. NSF-61 certified gasket materials are the preferred materials for drinking water and sanitary service applications.

Teadit NA1082SAN gasket material is specifically formulated to pass criteria established in the NSF-61 standard for sealing materials, as well as providing excellent resistance to conductivity. Compressed fiber sheet technology provides mechani­cal and service characteristics unmatched by standard elastomeric grades.

The NSF-61 standard requires that only gaskets and seals approved by NSF certification can be used in facilities and applications where the standard has been adopted as a requirement. Certification of gaskets and seals provides an assurance that the products have passed all the required physical property tests and that they are approved for use in situations where compliance to NSF-61 is a requirement. At the time of writing, there are now approximately six North American manufacturers of gasket and sealing materials offering product that is certified to the requirements of NSF-61.

The advent and adoption of NSF-61 means that traditional materials used in water sealing applications, such as gaskets and seals fashioned from red rubber, will give way to newer generation materials which are NSF-61 compliant. It is therefore highly recommended that when purchasing gaskets for potable water applications that you source product from distributors and gasket cutters who can supply product which complies with the NSF-61 standard.

For more information on Teadit NA1082SAN NSF-61 certified gasket material, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.