Parts from Electrical Insulating and Barrier Materials

CRG is now offering parts fabricated from Formex® electrical insulating and barrier materials. Formex® flame retardant materials are used by CRG to manufacture parts for use in industrial and consumer electronic equipment. These parts provide significant advantages over those made from traditional electrical papers, such as fish and aramid papers, as well as thermoplastic materials and injection molded parts.

Three Common Uses for Formex**®** Electrical Insulating and Barrier Materials

Using Formex® materials, CRG can fabricate parts in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Three categories of parts that we can manufacture include the following:

  1. Electrical Insulating: Insulating parts made from Formex® possess outstanding dielectric strength. CRG can also fabricate parts for static-sensitive applications, and we can also manufacture parts with metal lamination that can be used for EMI/RF shielding applications.

  2. Electrical Barriers: CRG electrical barrier parts made from Formex® materials offer superior protection due to their high dielectric strength, physical strength and high flexibility. These parts meet global standards for flame retardancy as well as providing superior chemical resistance.

  3. Functional Parts. Using Formex®, CRG can design and fabricate low-cost internal components such as wire harnesses, air flow baffles, and more.

Important Advantages of Formex**®** Electrical Insulating and Barrier Materials

Formex® is a flame-retardant, durable and flexible polypropylene material. Parts made from Formex® provide significant advantages over those made from fish and aramid paper, including the following:

  1. Superior dielectric breakdown strength (24,820V @0.017 in. (0.43 mm)

  2. Non-hygroscopic with superior resistance to moisture (<0.06% moisture absorption)

  3. Superior chemical resistance

  4. Lightweight

  5. Flame retardant - UL 94V-0 Flame Class Rating

  6. Cost effective – lower overall part cost with thinner material

  7. Meets strict safety and environmental standards

  8. Durability and flexibility

  9. Superior score and fold ability – parts will not crack or split and can ship flat to save transportation costs

Ideal Applications for CRG Parts from Formex**®** Electrical Insulating and Barrier Materials

Applications which CRG can service with parts made from Formex include the following:

  • Consumer electronic products

  • Automotive electronic products

  • Computer and computer peripherals

  • Conventional and uninterruptable power supplies

  • Telecommunications equipment

  • Medical equipment

  • Lighting

  • TV’s and appliances

CRG can process Formex® materials using die cutting, waterjet cutting, or other machining methods into fully finished parts. We have the capability to emboss or print product identification, part numbers, safety messages, or other technical information onto finished parts. Parts we make from Formex® can be laminated with aluminum or copper foil to provide EMI/RF shielding. We can also affix adhesives or employ a variety of bonding or joinery methods to produce parts with complex geometries while eliminating the need for external fasteners.

If you have a need for parts made from electrical insulation and barrier materials, consider CRG parts made from Formex®. Our sales team will be pleased to review your application and discuss how CRG can meet your needs. Please contact our sales department directly at