Parts made from Laminated Materials

Some applications require parts to be fabricated from different materials which are joined in layers or “sandwiched” together. CRG is often required to manufacture such parts from laminated rubber, foam, film, and plastics. For these parts, it is important that the lamination process is carried out under strictly controlled conditions that ensures a smooth finished product, and one that is free from trapped air, dirt, and debris.

Examples of parts made from laminated materials

CRG employs a variety of laminating processes to produce finished parts. A common process we employ is laminating pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes onto a material substrate, and then kiss cutting or slitting the laminated material to produce a “peel and stick” finished part. These types of parts are widely used in industrial and automotive applications.

CRG can laminate materials from roll or sheet stock up to 60 inches in width, and from 1/32 inch to 1 inch in thickness, depending upon the material. We can apply a variety of adhesive tapes to these materials, using a tape that is purpose-matched to the finished part’s application.

Kiss cut/slit parts from laminated materials

Kiss cutting or slitting employs a manufacturing process which fully cuts through the top layer of the material and its attached PSA tape, without penetrating the release liner or backing material of the PSA. This allows the part (and its attached adhesive) to be easily separated from the throwaway liner and made ready for installation. With the adhesive layer exposed, the part can then be placed directly into its application. Parts which are kiss cut or slit from laminated materials can be supplied in rolls or pads, or boxed in loose form.

“Sandwich-type” parts

CRG also produces parts made by “sandwiching” layers of materials together to produce a finished part. Bumpers and wheel chocks are examples of parts we have made by bringing together pads cut from new or recycled rubber, and compressing them between plates secured with fasteners. In some cases, we have manufactured laminated bumpers up to 12 feet in length using these techniques.

If you have an application that requires a part manufactured from laminated materials, CRG’s experienced team will be pleased to review your application and needs. For further information, please contact our sales team directly at