Protecting Computers and Sensitive Electronics with Conductive Matting

Does your business rely heavily on computers, or does it manufacture or service products that use sensitive electronics? If so, you need to consider the risk that static electricity can play with electronic micro-components.

Electrostatic discharges (ESD) can wreak havoc with microprocessors, motherboards, integrated circuits, and other sensitive electronics. Discharges as low as 25 electrostatic volts can irreparably damage such components.

ESD damages electronic circuitry by seeking a low impedance path to ground so that differences in electrical potential can be equalized. As people move around, their bodies can accumulate a static electric charge that is dissipated upon direct contact with an electronic device or other object. Placing conductive matting (also known as anti-static matting) over the work area surfaces on which people move is the surest way of preventing electrostatic discharge onto computers and other vulnerable electronics.

How does conductive matting work?

Conductive matting is fabricated from electrically conductive materials. This matting is especially designed to quickly draw off the static charge build-up that can accumulate on people or objects. Conductive matting should be used in work areas where the risk of ESD is real, posing a hazard should workers touch sensitive equipment or flammable/explosive substances.

Conductive matting is different from switchboard matting. Switchboard matting is non-conductive, blocking the flow of electrical current and protecting workers from deadly shocks generated by high-voltage equipment. Conductive matting, on the other hand, permits the passage of an electrical current, but the conductivity of the matting is controlled so that static charges may dissipate safely to ground without building-up.

Another benefit of conductive matting is that workers can gain some relief from tired feet and legs caused by walking on uncovered hard floors. Conductive matting is easy to clean and maintain, and the matting can also be custom-cut to fit the configuration and shape of specific work areas.

Conductive matting from CRG

CRG supplies conductive matting that is engineered and tested to drain static electricity from individuals, preventing damage to vulnerable electronic equipment. Our conductive matting has surface resistivity of 106 OHMS and is tested to ESD-S7.1 2001 for surface resistivity. This matting is available in diamond and smooth surfaces.

To find out more about how you can protect computers and other sensitive electronics from ESD with conductive matting from CRG, please contact our sales team at