Rubber Bellows and Boots

There are a variety of industrial and automotive applications that require rubber bellows and boots. These products are often used to seal and protect machinery and components from the ingress of dirt, dust, oil and grease, moisture, and other contaminants which could degrade equipment performance and lifespan.

Rubber bellows and boots are often used in applications which require a secure and flexible seal around moving parts and components. In many cases, the bellows or boot has to be custom fabricated with a special shape or size to fit to address an application. In these cases, it is important to select a manufacturer with the custom fabrication expertise needed to produce highly-tailored bellows or boots.

CRGI Rubber Bellows and Boots

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) has extensive experience and capabilities for producing rubber bellows and boots. We can produce bellows and boots for industrial, electronics, automotive, food-grade, healthcare, construction and aggregates, and military applications. We serve both the OEM and replacement parts markets, and can provide inventory support where required. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities, coupled with our extensive experience in custom fabrication, allow us to supply bellows and boots of high-quality and reliability.

Materials that CRGI commonly uses in the production of rubber bellows and boots include the following:

  • Natural Rubber (NR)

  • Silicone Rubber

  • Neoprene and Chloroprene

  • Styrene-Butadiene (SBR)

  • Butyl

  • EPDM

  • Fluorosilicone

  • Viton

CRGI Rubber Bellows and Boots for Automotive Applications

As a leading supplier to vehicle programs of the leading OEM’s such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Volkswagen and others, CRGI offers a full range of rubber bellows and boots for automotive applications.

Through our global sourcing and advanced production techniques, CRGI is able to provide superior solutions that reduce costs and meet the needs of automotive customers. CRGI can supply rubber bellows and boots (convoluted and standard configurations), as well as other fabricated rubber parts for automotive applications, including gimp seals, lighting seals, grommets and plugs, vent tubes, window seals, wiring harness grommets, and more.

CRGI is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and offers a full range of automotive program support services, such as EDI for accurate and efficient order processing, and JIT and Kanban delivery methods.

For more information on rubber bellows and boots for industrial, automotive and other applications, please contact our sales department at