Rubber Grommets for Flexible Wiring and Cabling

Rubber grommets are widely used in industrial and automotive applications to protect wiring and cabling on installations that feature rough edges or sharp cutouts. Rubber grommets for flexible wiring and cabling encase and secure wire or cable where it passes through amount or panel hole. In this way, the grommet surrounds the wire or cable with a protective rubber cushion, preventing any chafing or friction which would otherwise result as the wire or cable flexed against the mount or hole.

Rubber grommets for flexible wiring and cabling: materials

Rubber grommets are usually manufactured from a durable rubber compound which can be easily molded, such as EPDM (including peroxide-cured EPDM for high-heat applications), SBR, Neoprene, Silicone or others. For some industrial and automotive applications, compounds that are specially formulated to withstand severe-service conditions, such as exposure to high temperatures, aggressive chemicals, or UV light, are used. Choosing the right material for a given application requires careful consideration of a number of factors and is critical for ensuring the reliability and durability of a grommet once it is placed into service.

Most rubber grommets for flexible wiring and cabling are round in shape and are designed to fit the panel hole or mount into which they must be affixed. At CRG, we can supply grommets that are custom molded to the exact shape and geometry that is needed for a given application.

When sized and manufactured correctly, rubber grommets are easily positioned within a pre-drilled panel hole or wire/cable mount. Correct sizing and manufacture are important for ensuring an easy and trouble-free installation and fit – something which is important for grommets used in the repetitive assembly or sub-assembly operations.

CRG also supplies grommets that are molded in various colours so that they may be detected by installation sensors.

Rubber grommets for flexible wiring and cabling from CRG

CRG can supply a wide range of rubber grommets for flexible wiring and cabling that service a variety of applications. Types of grommets we can supply include the following:

  • Edge grommets. Supplied as continuous strips of various sizes and lengths, these are used to protect longer runs of cable or wiring which traverse rough surfaces or edges.

  • Cable grommets. As their name implies, these grommets are used to protect cables and lines which pass through panel holes cut into metal or plastic substrates. Cable grommets are shaped so that they remain firmly in place once inserted into the panel hole.

  • Strain relief grommets. These grommets are used for strain-relief purposes and grip a cable or line, thereby anchoring it and relieving the stresses and strains associated with pulling, twisting, or flexing.

  • Sleeved grommets. These are tapered flexible sleeves which completely surround and embed a line or cable. The grommet is flexible at one end, allowing the embedded cable to flex freely, thus preventing it from fracturing or breaking.

If you are seeking precision-molded rubber grommets for flexible wiring and cabling, CRG is your preferred supply partner. We have over 30-years’ experience in supplying rubber grommets for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications, including the vehicle programs of major OEM’s such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz. Our experienced team can work with you through all stages of the product realization process, from material selection, design and prototyping, to final part production.

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