Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are often used in automotive and industrial applications to protect, cable, wire, hose, pipe or other objects which pass through a panel hole. By surrounding the object with a rubber “cushion”, the grommet prevents the abrasion and vibration which results from the object contacting the edges of the hole through which it passes.

In automotive applications, grommets are a type of seal, usually molded from rubber and other materials, such as nylon. In vehicles, grommets have a wide range of applications. They are usually employed to protect vehicle lines, wire and cable from chafing or abrading on rough surfaces, to dampen vibration, and to function as seals in various under-the-hood and body applications.

When sized and manufactured correctly, rubber grommets are easily positioned within a pre-drilled hole. Correct sizing and manufacture is important for ensuring an easy and trouble-free fit – something which is important in automotive assembly or sub-assembly operations.

CRGI Rubber Grommets: Types and Applications

At Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI), we supply various types of grommets, including the following:

Edge grommets. These are supplied as continuous strips of various sizes and lengths and are uses to protect longer runs of cable or wiring which traverses rough surfaces or edges.

Cable grommets. As their name implies, these grommets are used to protect cables and lines which pass through holes cut into panels made of metal or other substrates. Cable grommets are shaped so that the grommet remains firmly in place once inserted into the panel hole.

Strain relief grommets. These grommets are used for strain-relief purposes. Usually made from rubber or plastic, these grommets grip and anchor the cable or line which passes through them, thus relieving the stresses associated with pulling, twisting, or flexing.

Sleeved grommets. These are tapered flexible sleeves which completely surround and embed a line or cable. The grommet is flexible at one end, allowing the embedded cable to flex freely, thus preventing it from fracturing or breaking.

CRGI Rubber Grommets: Materials

CRGI can supply grommets molded from a wide array of rubbers and other materials. For automotive applications, we recommend materials that can support severe-service conditions and withstand the effects of aging through exposure to UV light. The right material ensures reliability and durability of the grommet in service, preventing part failure and the need for replacement.

Grommets for automotive and industrial applications that CRGI has supplied include washer tank pump grommets, fuel pump grommets, firewall grommets, A-pillar grommets, and trunk grommets. Where required, grommets can be produced from a pre-lubricated rubber compound to facilitate part insertion in assembly or sub-assembly operations.

For automotive applications, CRGI provides a full range of services to support the grommet supply process, including: assisting customers with material selection; math data and 2D/3D CAD drawings; program management; EDI; bar coding; global logistics management; inventory warehouse management to support JIT delivery; and the provision of all levels of PPAP.

For more information on the rubber grommets which CRGI can supply for automotive and other applications, please contact our sales department at