Rubber Products: Quality and Responsiveness at CRGI

As a leading provider of gaskets, seals, and fabricated rubber products, CRGI employs the latest production technology to ensure that customer requirements are always met. A key aspect of CRGI’s production process is ensuring that parts are produced not only to required specifications and tolerances, but also to required delivery times.

“Employing the latest technology allows us to achieve a degree of precision that was unattainable using traditional production methods, such as die cutting,” remarks Kevin Ferguson, Vice President of Operations at CRGI. “We are using flashcutting and waterjet technology to provide our customers with not only higher precision, but the greater speed of this technology enables us to respond much faster to customer requests.”

CRGI is an ISO 9000-certified company. The company’s quality management system meets all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, and all production processes are managed under that system. “The process focus of ISO 9001:2008 ensures that we keep our eye on meeting our customers’ requirements,” says Ferguson. “All of our production processes are regularly measured and managed in dimensions that are critical to customer satisfaction.”

Having the latest production technology is only part of the story to serving customers well. To provide customers with the value they need when they need it, CRGI expends great effort on standardizing processes and ensuring equipment availability.

“We spend a lot of time on operator training to ensure that all operators run a standardized process,” says CRGI plant manager Jim McDonald. “That ensures our process output is of consistently high quality. Because responsiveness to customer requests is such an integral aspect of our business, we use Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) techniques to prevent unplanned maintenance events which could reduce our ability to respond.”

Customers have come to rely on CRGI for high quality parts produced cost effectively and delivered with industry-leading lead time. “Gaskets and seals can be a critical part of a customer’s operations,” says Ferguson. “When a gasket or seal fails, it may bring down a key piece of equipment or even an entire line. Customers know that they can rely on CRGI for rapid response to urgent situations such as these. Our production technology and methods are the very foundation of our responsiveness.”