Rubber Safety Mats for Improving Facility Safety and Productivity

Improving facility safety and productivity are key challenges in every company. Rubber safety mats can help. These mats, with their anti-slip or anti-fatigue safeguarding surfaces, can greatly lower the incidence of slips and falls, as well as reduce worker fatigue. Consider the following areas of opportunity for employing rubber safety mats in your facility:

Facility entranceways. Wet floor surfaces, including those just inside facility entranceways, are a common cause of slips and falls. Safety floor mats installed inside entranceways can reduce the amount of water and dirt tracked inside – water that can deposit onto interior floor surfaces and create a slip hazard. Choose an anti-slip mat that is composed of high absorbency materials to reduce the amount of moisture tracked onto interior floor surfaces.

Hallways and aisleways. Rubber runner matting is a good economical choice for protecting floor surfaces in these higher-traffic areas. This matting is easy to lay down and provides a non-slip surface.

Office-based processes and work areas. Some office-based functions, such as photocopy centres, mailrooms, etc. often involve workers standing in place while they run copies, process mail, etc. Installing anti-fatigue matting in these areas can reduce worker fatigue and enhance productivity.

Assembly, production and maintenance areas. Workers at assembly lines, production workstations, and maintenance areas are often required to spend long periods standing and walking while they perform work. Placing good quality anti-fatigue and anti-slip matting in these areas can greatly reduce worker tiredness and injury.

In work areas, such as manufacturing lines, maintenance stations or tool cribs, where the use of oils, greases, and chemicals is prevalent, anti-slip matting is available which resists degradation by these compounds. Absorbent safety matting is also available to soak up fluid spills and leaks. For work areas, such as welding stations, where hot sparks are encountered which can burn holes in floor surfaces, anti-fatigue welding mats are available.

Distribution operations. Picking and packing orders and preparing and processing inbound and outbound goods require lots of worker movement. Anti-fatigue matting placed on floor areas can significantly improve worker energy and stress levels.

Electrical panels and switchboards.  Electrical safety mats are an important health and safety product for use in industrial applications where workers need to be protected from electrical shocks. These mats are often placed around high-voltage equipment, electrical panels, switchboards, or situations where machinery is being operated at high voltage. Electrical safety mats which meet applicable regulations are available with anti-fatigue and anti-slip surfaces.

Wet areas and freezer/cold-room environments. Wet areas require the use of drainage matting which allows fluids to drain through the mat, providing workers with a dry, non-slip surface. Rubber safety mats for freezers and cold rooms are constructed with an anti-fatigue extra-abrasive surface which can withstand extremely low temperatures.

CRG offers a wide range of safety matting solutions which can help organizations of all types and sizes improve safety and productivity. Our rubber safety mats can be provided in standard sizes or cut-to-size to fit specific work areas. We can also supply safety matting, including runner matting, in rolls of various widths for covering aisleways, hallways, and other trafficways.

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