Rubber Wear Parts for the Aggregates Industry

With Spring coming ever-closer into view, now is the time when companies in the aggregates industry are planning their maintenance requirements for the coming busy period. As the better weather approaches, and the demand for construction and building materials ramps up, aggregates companies will want to ensure they are stocked up with key items, including rubber wear parts, which are needed to ensure trouble-free operations during the coming season.

Moving and conveying building and construction materials is no easy task for aggregates firms – the nature of the materials imposes severe wear and tear on vital equipment. Aggregates providers have to contend with the impact, abrasion, and corrosion on equipment that results from material handling. These consequences are hard on equipment, creating breakdowns and loss of productivity in day-to-day operations. In addition, vital assets such as truck beds, conveyors, hoppers and chutes can be badly damaged from material impact, abrasion and corrosion, necessitating costly repairs. For these companies, wear parts provision is a critical aspect of their business

Canada Rubber Group Inc. can be your solution provider for rubber wear parts that protect your equipment and reduce the incidence of unplanned downtime. We can manufacture a wide range of rubber wear parts from compounds specially formulated to withstand the impact, abrasion and corrosion typically found in the extraction, transportation, processing, and storage of aggregates. Rubber wear parts we can supply include replacement parts, as well as new parts designed to deal with specific wear problems that were not addressed by the original equipment manufacturer.

Examples of rubber wear parts we can supply to the aggregates industry include the following:

  • Shaker screen channel rubber in most popular sizes, such as 3/8" and 1/2" ID, in both flat or round top designs.

  • Skirtboard rubber which is used on bulk conveyor systems to keep the product from spilling off the conveyor belt.

  • Rubber chute linings, such as Durashield rubber, that cover steel chutes in abrasive wet applications.

  • T-scale rubber extrusions that are used on truck scale gaps to cover them off and prevent debris from entering the scale pit.

To find out more about the rubber wear parts we can supply for aggregates and mining applications, please contact our sales department directly at