Safety Flooring Systems

In many industrial and commercial work environments, a key issue is providing a floor surface that provides health and safety benefits. The increasing proliferation of health and safety regulations, and the desire to improve worker comfort and productivity, means that businesses must be more proactive in selecting and adopting appropriate floor covering solutions. Installing a proven safety flooring system can pay big dividends in reducing lost time due to accidents and injuries, increased productivity, and improved workforce morale.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) is now supplying Work Matta™ safety flooring systems. Work Matta™ is a high quality, reliable and hard-wearing surface solution with proven health and safety benefits. It is used worldwide, in a variety of commercial and industrial environments, including:

  • Heavy industrial

  • Food processing

  • Manufacturing

  • Engineering

  • Retail

  • Services

  • Recreational

Work Matta™ Safety Flooring Systems

Work Matta™ surface coverings are based on the concept of a “floor above the floor”. Each Work Matta™ tile incorporates a unique under-structure of compression columns that act as springs when weight is applied to the tile surface. This spring-like action counters the negative effects of impact or standing for prolonged periods, thereby increasing worker comfort and safety. Since the compression columns in each tile are not subject to surface wear, the ergonomic benefits of Work Mattaä tile remains consistent over time.

Work Matta™ Safety Flooring Systems: Product Line

Work Matta™ comprises three families of ergonomic interlocking tiles that give you the flexibility to create a customized safety flooring surface that best suits the requirements of your business.

Work Matta™ Comfort is designed for heavy-duty industrial and manufacturing applications. The product features tiles with an Arrow Lock 5-point interlocking design. The tiles can be connected to create a safety floor covering that is flexible and adaptable to work area configurations. Work Matta™ Comfort is ideal as a clean-in-place surface, and mats can be reconfigured to provide a high quality floor covering for almost any work area.

Work Matta™ Excel is suited for medium-duty industrial and commercial applications. Each tile features a Flex Lock 12-point interlocking design. Mats can be periodically removed for cleaning and housekeeping.

Work Matta™ Ergo is designed for light-duty industrial and commercial applications. Each tile features an EZ Lock 6-point interlocking design. Work Matta™ Ergo is an ideal solution for both clean-in-place or temporary removal for area clean-up.

Each family in the Work Matta™ product line comes in a variety of styles and options. Closed and open surfaces are available together with a variety of surface profiles including standard, smooth top, or diamond shield. Special additives are available upon request, such as antimicrobial agents, fire resistance, etc., to support specialized applications. Work Matta™ tiles are easy to install and care for, and tiles may be recycled at the end of their useful life.

If you are seeking a proven safety flooring system for your business, the CRGI sales team is available to discuss the advantages to Work Matta™ surface coverings. For more information on the Work Matta™ line of safety flooring systems, please contact our sales department at