Santoprene Rubber Products

Santoprene™ rubber products, including those for wear resistant applications

The portfolio of high-performance materials that Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) carries includes Santoprene™ thermoplastic rubber. This interesting and versatile material combines the performance characteristics of vulcanized rubber with the versatility of thermoplastics. Using this material, CRGI is able to fabricate a variety of Santoprene™ rubber products, including those for wear resistant applications.

Santoprene™ thermoplastic rubber is a vulcanized rubber alloy that consists mostly of fully cured EPDM particles that are encapsulated within a polypropylene matrix. Santoprene™ is part of the Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) family of polymers. ExxonMobil holds the patent and trademark for Santoprene™.

As a material, Santoprene™ offers many advantages. The sealing performance of the material is excellent, providing dimensional stability and resistance to aging. The material combines superior aesthetics and lessened weight by virtue of its lower density.

Most importantly, Santoprene™ is resistant to temperature extremes, chemical exposure, and abrasion, making it an excellent material to choose for the production of wear resistant parts. Santoprene™ also exhibits excellent resistance to flex fatigue, and the material is fully recyclable.

Santoprene™ is available in variety of grades to suit specific applications, from soft 35 Shore A to tough and durable 50 Shore D. The harder grades are more suitable for wear resistant applications. Santoprene™ can be die cut or molded into finished parts. At CRGI, we can supply cut or molded Santoprene™ rubber products for the following applications:

Automotive parts and components. We can produce Santoprene™ weatherseals or parts for chassis, underhood, or interior applications. Specific parts and components include grommets, plugs, bumpers, boots, ducts, and molded parts and seals. The resistance of Santoprene™ to wear and fluids make it an excellent material choice for automotive parts and components.

Industrial gaskets and seals. We can fashion Santoprene™ gaskets to customer requirements and specifications. These gaskets have uses in industrial equipment, pumps, and various manufactured products, including medical devices and household appliances. We can also produce seals for specialized industrial applications, including those for construction uses, such as bridge expansion joints, rail pads, window and skylight seals, plumbing, etc.

Electrical seals and components. We can manufacture watertight Santoprene™ seals for electrical equipment, including cable insulation, jacketing and connectors.

Food contact and drinking water applications. Using NSF-61 certified Santoprene™ sheet, we can custom fabricate gaskets, seals, and parts for use in drinking water applications. Similarly, we can use FDA-approved Santoprene™ to produce parts and components for use in food processing applications.

The end-uses for Santoprene™ rubber products are always expanding as design engineers discover new applications for this versatile material.

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