Simplifying the Gasket Selection Process

CRGI’s Gasket Reference Chart can help you choose the right Teadit product for your application

Choosing the right gasket for a particular application is a key part of the gasket sourcing and buying process. Selecting the wrong type of gasket can result in increased costs, downtime and lost throughput.

For many buyers, there is an almost bewildering array of gasketing materials to choose from. Compound this with the variety of application media and service environments that a gasket will have to support, and choosing the right product becomes no easy task! All of this serves to complicate the buying process and increases the risk that the wrong product may be selected.

To help buyers choose the right product, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI), has developed a Gasket Reference Chart. This chart shows application information along with Teadit Group gasketing products carried by CRGI. By showing the working service limits (temperature and pressure) together with the supported media, the chart can be used by buyers to select the Teadit product that best fits their particular application. Download your copy of the CRGI Gasket Reference Chart by clicking on the image above or here.

Working service limits and supported media are two critical inputs to any gasket buying decision. Buyers must ensure that the product they purchase will service the application temperature and pressure conditions, as well the application media. Products listed in the CRGI Gasket Reference Chart will support the various media listed in the chart, including: acids and alkalies; gases (air and dry); oils (petroleum); solvents (standard); and miscellaneous compounds such as refrigerants and halocarbons, steam, and saline solutions. In addition, the chart also shows which gasketing materials support food-grade (FDA) and sanitary (NSF 61) applications.

CRGI stocks a full line of gasketing materials produced by Teadit Group. These materials are the preferred choice for buyers seeking sealing solutions that combine high quality with cost effectiveness. Using these materials, CRGI can precision-cut gaskets to fit almost any application.

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