SKIRT-SHIELD® Conveyor Skirtboard

Skirtboard is used on conveyor belts to reduce material overflow at the loading point and prevent spillage as the materials move along the conveyor’s path. Choosing top quality conveyor skirtboard material can reduce equipment downtime, lengthen the interval between replacements, and decrease the costs associated with material loss and cleanup due to spillage.

Conveyor skirtboard made from DURASHIELD® Premium Natural Rubber is the ultimate solution to premature investment in replacement equipment and expensive downtime. With skirtboard made from DURASHIELD®, facility managers can prevision extended equipment life and reduced maintenance.


DURASHIELD® material is the leading tear and abrasion-resistant natural rubber product available in the marketplace today. Produced by American Biltrite, the DURASHIELD® family of materials is available in many styles, durometers, and colors. Two available formulations are the industry standard:


  • SKIRT-SHIELD® Orange A+ (for enhanced abrasion resistance).

CRG can supply SKIRT-SHIELD® material by the roll, or custom-cut the material to sizes that will accommodate any equipment or material-handling requirement. Skirtboard made from SKIRT-SHIELD® is the supply staple for applications in conveyor belt dominant industries such as mining, aggregates, cement, concrete, and more.

SKIRT-SHIELD® Red: The Ultimate in Tear-Resistance

A key function of skirtboard is to protect a conveyor from damage and wear imposed by the material being moved. Fulfilling this function requires skirtboard that is resistant to tearing, cutting, gouging, and puncturing. The corrosive materials being transported impose high rates of wear and tear on a conveyor, accelerating equipment deterioration and shortening the usable lifespan.

SKIRT-SHIELD® Red delivers optimum performance in dry applications where superior resistance to cuts and tears is required.

SKIRT-SHIELD® Orange A+: Heavyweight Abrasion Protection

Severe service involving the movement of materials that would pulverize standard skirting requires this enhanced formulation for maximum abrasion resistance. Abrasion-resistant skirtboard protects equipment from the forces of abrasion, greatly extending the equipment life and reducing maintenance costs. SKIRT-SHIELD® A+ covers all of the bases by combining exceptional abrasion resistance with heavyweight tensile strength.

A+ stands for “abrasion plus”, defining the ultimate in abrasion-resistant natural rubber. Wet, gritty materials such as cement, concrete, and other slurries are no match for this enhanced formula.

If you are seeking conveyor skirtboard which will extend the life of your vital equipment assets and reduce downtime, consider SKIRT-SHIELD® solutions from CRG. Our sales team will be pleased to review your needs and recommend the appropriate SKIRT-SHIELD® material that will serve your application optimally.

To find out more about SKIRT-SHIELD® conveyor skirtboard solutions from CRG, or for technical data on SKIRT-SHIELD® materials, please contact our sales department at