US Buyers: Manufactured Rubber Products from CRGI

CRGI is a Canadian company that is proud to serve US customers with high quality manufactured rubber products. Since 1987, CRGI has been one of Canada’s leading providers of Industrial, Automotive, and Consumer products and components made from rubber, foam, sponge, and an array of other specialty materials. We have achieved this status by:

  • Building a dedicated and experienced team to serve our clients

  • Investing in advanced production technology and manufacturing best practices

  • Being fully committed to attentive and responsive customer service

From our headquarters facility located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), CRGI can conveniently and efficiently serve the North American and Global marketplace. For US customers who may be concerned about buying from CRGI because we are based in Canada, fear not because we make it easy!

CRGI’s sales process is setup to fully support US customers and all quotes for product are in US dollars. If required, CRGI can take care of any customs and brokerage that is required at the Canada-US border. Since Canada and the US trade under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), many goods cross the border duty-free, without incurring any additional costs or hidden fees.

“US buyers seeking excellent quality and service can have absolute confidence in purchasing their products from CRGI,” said CRGI president Gord Sirrs. “Having been in the manufactured rubber products business for almost 30 years, CRGI is used to meeting the needs of US customers. Both our Industrial and Automotive sales teams have serviced many projects in conjunction with US customers across a wide variety of applications and product lines.”

CRGI manufactured rubber products

CRGI can provide US customers with a wide range of products made from rubber and other materials. Some of the most common products of interest to US buyers include the following:

  • Gaskets and seals, fabricated from quality materials including sheet rubber, foam and sponge, ceramic paper, and other materials. We specialize in short-run as well as large volume production.

  • Automotive solutions. We can supply a diverse array of molded and fabricated rubber products for automotive applications. We have extensive experience in supplying the vehicle programs of leading OEM’s such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, BMW and others.

  • Fabricated rubber products. Products and parts, custom fabricated for specific industrial applications. Products we can supply include wear-resistant parts for industrial machinery and aggregates equipment, chute and launder linings, vibration and noise dampening pads, snowplow blade deflectors, rubber matting, and more.

CRGI capabilities

All products supplied by CRGI are manufactured in our headquarters facility. Products are manufactured using advanced CNC equipment, under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2008. CRGI’s global supply chain ensures that customers have access to the most advanced materials for their products; for example, CRGI gaskets are produced using high-quality sheet rubbers supplied by Teadit, American Biltrite, Interface Performance Materials, and other fine suppliers.

US buyers interested in finding out more about CRGI products and services should contact our sales department at