Wear Resistant Rubber for Abrasive Applications

Parts and components fabricated from Dura Shield and Dura Shield A+ rubber compounds from American Biltrite

Applications involving abrasive media are particularly hard on rubber. These media cause accelerated wear and tear on rubber components and parts, causing premature breakdown and failure. In these applications, it is particularly important to select wear resistant rubbers that are especially engineered to withstand the effects of abrasive media.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) specializes in fabricating rubber components and parts from wear resistant rubbers supplied by American Biltrite. These compounds are specifically formulated to mitigate the effects of abrasive media, providing superior durability and performance in the finished part.

Dura-Shield is a wear resistant rubber from American Biltrite from which we fashion durable parts and components. Dura Shield offers outstanding performance in dry conditions, while we highly recommend Dura-Shield A+ (see below) for wet and slurry applications for a better performance.

Dura Shield material prevents corrosion, increasing service life. It also has optimal tear and abrasion resistance, and is able to withstand a wide variety of chemicals. Dura Shield is also offered with a unique bonding layer that makes it easy to install, and the material has excellent adhesion to rubber, wood and metal.

Rubber parts and components fabricated from Dura Shield have longer life, reducing replacement costs. Equipment onto which the parts and components are installed runs more efficiently and provides safer working conditions. Downtime is reduced with the unique bonding layer, since no buffing is required.

Components and parts that we can fabricate from Dura Shield include lining materials, wipers, skirting, pulley lagging, shaker screens, and sandblast curtains.

Dura Shield A+ is formulated by American Biltrite to withstand the most severe application conditions. It is a preferred choice material for applications in mining, cement, concrete and aggregate applications where extreme abrasion resistance is critical. Dura-Shield A+ is also offered with a bonding layer. Parts and components fabricated from Dura Shield A+ deliver 36 percent to 49 percent better abrasion resistance than other materials.

The diagram below summarizes the test results showing the higher tear resistance, superior resistance to dry abrasion and equivalent resistance to wet abrasion of Dura Shield A+ compared to competitive products

Our sales team will be pleased to speak with you about any of these wear resistant rubbers from American Biltrite, and the parts and components we can custom fabricate from these fine materials. For further information, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.