Wear Resistant Rubber Products

Wear resistant rubber products have use in those applications where a component or part is subject to significant stress and deterioration from dynamic forces. These applications often involve industrial equipment and machinery where rubber parts and products must be able to withstand the stresses of abrasion, scraping, rubbing, flexing, and other forms of wear and tear. Using wear resistant rubber products in these applications can significantly reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

At CRGI, we specialize in the custom manufacture of wear resistant rubber products, including linings for chutes and launders, equipment guards and skirting, isolation pads, and other fabricated parts and components. These wear resistant rubber products are made from elastomeric materials especially formulated to endure the application stresses to which they are subjected, and each product is custom manufactured to each customer’s requirements.

Wear Resistant Rubber Products: Materials

Materials that CRGI often uses in the fabrication of wear resistant rubber products include the following:

Dura Shield and Dura Shield A+

These abrasion resistant rubbers from American Biltrite possess optimal abrasion and tear resistance, and are able to withstand attack from a wide variety of chemicals. Dura Shield A+ is the preferred material for extremely severe abrasive service conditions, including wet and slurry applications. Parts and components fabricated from Dura Shield or Dura Shield A+ rubbers increase the service life of the equipment or product into which they are installed, thereby reducing costs while increasing reliability. For more information on these wear resistant rubbers, please see our blog Wear Resistant Rubber for Abrasive Applications.

Santoprene™ Thermoplastic Rubber

Santoprene™ is a vulcanized rubber alloy that consists mostly of fully cured EPDM particles that are encapsulated within a polypropylene matrix. Santoprene™ is part of the Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) family of polymers. ExxonMobil holds the patent and trademark for Santoprene™.

As a material, Santoprene™ offers superior dimensional stability and resistance flex fatigue and aging. The material is resistant to temperature extremes, chemical exposure, and abrasion, making it an excellent choice for the production of wear resistant parts. For more information on Santoprene™ and its applicability in wear resistant applications, please see our blog Santoprene Rubber Products.

SBR Rubber with Synthetic Fabric

This rubber has a synthetic fabric backing which makes the material extremely durable and resistant to tearing and stretching. It is often used as an abrasion and tear resistant liner.

Conveyor Belting

Conveyor belting is a tough material that is characterized by lateral stiffness and high wear resistance. Conveyor belting is available in a range of thicknesses. Varieties reinforced with polyester, nylon, or Kevlar® are available to provide exceptional puncture and wear resistance, and magnetic detectable belting is available for food-grade applications. Given its special properties, conveyor belting is an ideal material from which to produce fabricated rubber products and parts for heavy industrial uses.

For more information on conveyor belting and the products that CRGI can fabricate from it, please visit our blog Fabricated Rubber Products from Conveyor Belting.


UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) is a polyethylene (PE) plastic. It is a tough, durable material that has excellent wear resistance, as well as excellent resistance to impact and corrosion. It makes a superior lining material in many high-wear and abrasive applications, as well as being suitable for the production of plastic gaskets, washers, shims, and insulators.

Cast Polyurethane

CRGI can supply cast polyurethane in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and Durometer hardness’s both on a Shore A and Shore D scales. Polyurethane offers toughness and durability beyond the range of most rubbers and plastics and can be engineered to your requirements. This material has excellent cut and gouge and abrasion resistance and high load bearing weight often being used for bridge bearing pads. Polyurethane has excellent resistance to oil, gasoline and most solvents but please provide your application requirements so that we may cross reference them against our database. Serviceable temperature ranges for this material are -80 degrees F to 250 degrees F. Uses for cast polyurethane include the following:

  • Salt truck spinners

  • Pump Impellors and Inlet Liners

  • Conveyor Belt Scrapers

  • Chute & Hopper Liners

  • Marine Hatch Cover Seals

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Wear Shoes

  • Sewage Pump Check Balls

  • Wear Strips

  • Sprockets

  • Sheave Liners

  • Hour Glass Rollers

Wear Resistant Rubber Products from CRGI

Wear resistant products that CRGI can custom manufacture include the following:

  • Equipment skirting and guarding

  • Replacement belts for slingers and other aggregates handling equipment

  • Linings for chutes and launders

  • Snow plow blade deflectors

  • Vehicle mud flaps

  • Truck bed liners

  • Dock bumpers

  • Equipment pads

  • Automotive parts and components

If you have an application that would benefit from the use of wear resistant rubber products, CRGI is your preferred solution partner. We can work with you through all stages of the product realization process to ensure you get the optimal product or part for your application. All wear resistant rubber parts we supply are fabricated from the best materials and produced to the highest quality and tolerances using the latest fabrication technology. For more information on wear resistant rubber parts from CRGI, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.