When Should You Consider Special Purpose Matting?

Placing rubber matting in workareas and workstations is a proven way to improve workplace safety and productivity. Rubber mats can provide greater operator ease and comfort while at the same time reducing or eliminating conditions or hazards that can lead to accidents and personal injuries.

While general purpose matting will suffice for some applications, there are situations where special purpose matting should always be considered as a first choice. Special purpose matting differs from standard matting in the matting has been specially designed to reduce the hazards or risks that may be present in an application. This blog highlight four situations where it makes sense to consider employing special purpose matting.

Reducing Slips and Falls: Non-Slip Matting

Non-slip matting is a preferred choice for situations where fluids and debris can accumulate on floor surfaces, creating slip hazards. Slip hazards from wet floor surfaces are often found in industrial production environments, and those in food service and processing.

Non-slip matting is especially designed to allow fluids and debris to fall through the matting, providing workers with a dry, anti-slip surface. Non-slip mats can significantly reduce worker slips and falls resulting from wet floor surfaces, decreasing injury time-off and worker compensation claims. CRG supplies Heronair, HerongripA, and Vynagrip non-slip matting styles.

Reducing Worker Fatigue: Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-fatigue matting is an excellent choice for situations where worker comfort and fatigue is an issue. Anti-fatigue matting alleviates worker discomfort resulting from long periods of standing while providing a stable standing environment.

CRG supplies At-Ease, Workstation, Utopia, and Comfort King styles of anti-fatigue matting, in addition to Sparksafe matting. Sparksafe anti-fatigue matting is designed for us in industrial work areas where sparks and hot metal fragments are common, such as welding stations and assembly areas, machine shops and wherever heat generating equipment is in use.

Reducing Static Discharge: Anti-Static Matting

Anti-static matting is designed to dissipate static charges or sparks which can damage electronic components and equipment, or ignite combustible materials. This matting should be considered as a first choice in work areas where sensitive electronic equipment is handled, or where the risk of explosion or fire from combustible materials is real. Styles of anti-static matting that CRG supplies includes the Airsoft™, Anti Stat, Stat-Zap, and Comfort King styles.

Reducing the Risk of Electrical Shock: High-Voltage Matting

High-voltage matting should be used in situation where workers must be insulated and protected from electrical shocks resulting from high-voltage equipment. This matting is typically used as a floor covering to prevent shock around high voltage electrical apparatuses, fuse boxes, switchgear, control panels and heavy machinery.  CRG supplies Switchboard style of high-voltage matting. This style is available in 3 standard sizes and custom cuts are also available.

If you require special purpose matting for the types of situations described above, CRG is your preferred supply partner. Special purpose matting we carry is available in a variety of sizes, roll lengths, or cut-to-size. 

To find out more about CRG special purpose matting, please contact our sales department directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.