Abrasion Resistant Rubber

Many industrial applications require the use of abrasion resistant rubber. Applications involving the transport and processing of minerals, aggregates, slurries, etc. are particularly prone to the abrasive effects of these materials. In these applications, it is particularly important to select wear resistant rubbers that are especially engineered to withstand the effects of abrasive media.

At Canada Rubber Group Inc. we have long experience in fabricating a wide variety of parts and components from abrasion resistant rubbers. These high-performance rubber compounds are specifically engineered to mitigate the effects of abrasive media.

Parts and components fashioned from abrasion resistant rubber that we have supplied include the following: lining materials for chutes, launders and other equipment, wipers, skirting, pulley lagging, shaker screens, and sandblast curtains. These parts and components exhibit superior durability and performance in abrasive applications.

Among the abrasion resistant rubber compounds that we use, three are particularly noteworthy:

Dura-Shield is a wear resistant rubber from American Biltrite. Dura Shield offers outstanding performance in dry operating conditions. Parts and components fashioned from Dura Shield material exhibit corrosion resistance, increasing the service life of the component or part. This material possesses optimal tear and abrasion resistance, and is able to withstand a wide variety of chemicals. For lining applications, Dura Shield parts and components can also be supplied with a unique bonding layer that makes installation easy, while also offering excellent adhesion to rubber, wood and metal.

Rubber parts and components fabricated from Dura Shield have a longer service life which reduces replacement costs. Equipment which uses parts and components fabricated from Dura Shield runs more efficiently and offers a safer working environment. The unique bonding layer of the material also means that equipment downtime is reduced for installation.

For extremely severe abrasive service conditions, including wet and slurry applications, we recommend parts and components fabricated from Dura Shield A+. This material is a preferred choice material for applications in mining, cement, concrete and aggregate applications where extreme abrasion resistance is critical. Similar to Dura Shield, Dura-Shield A+ can also be supplied with a bonding layer. Parts and components fabricated from Dura Shield A+ deliver 36 percent to 49 percent better abrasion resistance than other materials.

If you have an application that requires parts and components made from abrasion resistant rubber, our sales team will be pleased to speak with you. For further information, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.