Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are a proven way to increase productivity in work areas and reduce back, neck and knee injuries and soreness. A good quality anti-fatigue mat can alleviate the stress and strain caused by standing or walking for long periods on hard surfaces. In addition, a good mat can greatly reduce the risk of slips or falls in work areas.

At CRGI, we offer a variety of anti-fatigue mats that are specially purposed for a variety of workplace applications. Our line of anti-fatigue matting includes mats that are designed to service both dry and wet work areas, with a range of surfaces, thicknesses and edge contours. If required, our anti-fatigue mats can be custom cut to precisely fit the layout of any work area.

CRGI Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue matting types and styles that we carry include the following:

At-Ease. This is a hard-wearing workstation mat that is manufactured by sealing two high-quality foam layers between commercial grade vulcanized rubber. The At-Ease mat affords excellent relief to workers in standing work areas and is the mat of choice for many retail and commercial applications. The mat has edges which are beveled on all 4 sides.

Workstation Plus. This mat features a non-directional cast vinyl industrial surface bonded to a high quality foam base. Workstation Plus mats provide superior traction, and its surface is resistant to many oils, lubricants, and chemicals. This mat is an ideal choice for providing workers with comfort and relief in standing work areas.

Utopia Pebble. Made from high-quality closed cell PVC foam, with a pebbled slip-resistant surface. This mat is an excellent value choice for combating worker fatigue while standing. Utopia Pebble matting is ideal for dry industrial workstations, packaging areas, and processing plants. The mat has a beveled edge along the length only.

Standard and Custom-Cut Anti-Fatigue Mats

CRGI offers anti-fatigue matting in standard sizes or custom cut for a precise fit. Custom-cut mats are cut to size or length, and are designed to fit unique workplace layouts. Custom-cut mats provide full floor coverage throughout the work area and avoid the issues of mat migration and tripping that can sometimes occur with individual, standalone mats.

In a recent project, we supplied anti-fatigue matting that was custom-cut to fit the mall-based sales kiosks of a national telecommunications services provider. Whatever your needs, CRGI can meet your anti-fatigue matting requirements.

To find out more about the anti-fatigue matting solutions we can provide, please contact our sales department directly at