Automotive Rubber Parts: Trends

Rubber and plastic products are key inputs to the auto sector. Strong North American vehicle sales have resulted in higher demand for automotive rubber parts and plastic products in 2014 and will continue to drive demand up in 2015.

This month, our blog will focus on the automotive industry and the value-added products and services which CRGI supplies to our industry partners. This week’s blog highlights some of the emerging trends in the automotive industry, the challenges which these trends present, and how CRGI partners with industry participants to supply value-adding product solutions.

Automotive Rubber Parts Trend #1: Driverless Cars

A major trend that is emerging in the automotive sector is the move towards driverless cars. As cars become increasingly automated and computerized, the driverless car is quickly becoming a reality. Google’s driverless car has shown that the self-driving car is no longer science fiction, and several automakers are positioning to release self-driving vehicles in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, vehicle manufacturers are continuing to develop new models where increasingly the vehicle performs essential functions such as parking, traction control, and the provision of speed and safety alerts to the driver. These new technologies require car manufacturers to add complex digital systems and controls, so it is likely that there will be an increased demand for the sensors, components, controls and materials that are needed to fabricate these new systems.

For example, driverless systems and controls will require new materials for EMI/RFI shielding to ensure system integrity. CRGI can supply EMI/RFI shielding gaskets which can be incorporated into the design of control devices and systems, thereby isolating one component from another and creating an electrical seal that blocks or contains EMI/RFI.

We are also recommending transparent conductive film for EMI shielding applications. These films have excellent and uniform conductivity, which means better protection for devices. The film is highly transparent, and easily withstands flexing, stretching, tension and torsion. Furthermore, the film is transferable — meaning that it can be transferred onto other substrates for EMI shielding purposes.

Automotive Rubber Parts Trend #2: Fuel Efficiency

Increasingly, automakers are favouring the use of lightweight materials to reduce vehicle weight and increase fuel efficiency. CRGI has positioned itself to support this trend by supplying automotive rubber parts that are made from the latest lightweight rubber and foam materials. These materials combine low weight with outstanding durability and performance in demanding automotive applications. Specific vehicle applications which our products can service include:

  • Body and lighting

  • Chassis and braking systems

  • Powertrain

  • Vehicle interior

  • Electrical systems

  • Miscellaneous vehicle applications, including pedal pads, grommets, plugs, gimp seals, isolators and dampers, cuffs, bumpers, etc.

Automotive Rubber Parts Trend #3: Cost-Effective Quality and Reliability

Finally, a trend that will never go away! Automakers will always continue to seek parts and products that are both wear-resistant and cost-effective to assure new vehicle quality and reliable trouble-free operation. CRGI maintains an extensive portfolio of new and traditional materials that service high-wear automotive applications. Using these materials, we can produce and supply high-quality automotive rubber parts that resist the wear brought about by exposure to the temperature extremes, abrasion, flex stresses, and aggressive fluids one often finds in automotive applications.

If you are an automotive OEM or program supplier, CRGI is ready to work with you. We are a reliable global supplier of proven automotive rubber parts and components for automotive applications. We can provide materials and parts tailored to your specific production and performance requirements. In addition to supplying parts and components, we offer full program management and support services – please visit our Automotive and OEM Solutions page for more details.

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