Choosing a Gasket Supplier

Gaskets are widely used and in some ways have become commodified products. However, for many companies, gaskets are an essential MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) component for ensuring reliable daily operations and production processes. For this reason, it is important to choose a gasket supplier wisely as reputable suppliers can provide both the products and services that can help avoid lost downtime and costly maintenance interventions.

Since gaskets are a commonly used product, there are a wide range of suppliers operating in the marketplace. These range from “garage type” operations, to full-service suppliers like CRG who can provide a wide range of materials and products, who use the most advanced production technology, and who can provide reliable and dependable lead times and support services.

Choosing a Gasket Supplier: Factors to Consider

When choosing a gasket supplier, many buyers focus solely on price. While choosing the supplier with lowest price may make economic sense, price alone should not be the sole criteria used when making a supplier sourcing decision. Choosing the lowest price can represent false economy if the supplied gaskets are inferior in quality, are not shipped upon the promised date, or are made to incorrect specifications and tolerances. For this reason, other factors besides price should be considered when choosing a gasket supplier. These factors include the following:

Material quality. CRG and other reputable competitors fabricate their gaskets from the highest quality materials obtained through privileged supply relationships with the leading material manufacturers. These materials are produced using tightly controlled manufacturing processes, and are the product of extensive research and development for servicing specific applications and operating conditions. While these materials may cost a little more, their slightly higher cost is justified by their superior performance.

Material availability. Leading gasket suppliers maintain inventories of a wide array of materials. From these extensive material portfolios, these suppliers can service a variety of applications and provide the optimal material for a given use. In addition, top gasket suppliers like CRG use inventory management best practices to ensure that the needed materials are always available to fabricate product and ship on-demand.

Production technology. Leading gasket suppliers employ the latest production technology to manufacture their products. Advanced technologies, such as water jet and flex/flash cutting, achieve cutting tolerances and precision that far exceed what is possible with older methods such as die cutting. Choosing a gasket supplier with these advanced production capabilities can allow customers to reap benefit such as superior final product quality, fast order turnaround, and ease of installation in the field.

Service and support. While gaskets are generally a fairly simple product, buyers will often require guidance and support during the procurement process. This capability is a function of a given supplier’s experience and expertise. Thus, choosing a gasket supplier with proven experience and expertise will pay dividends in avoiding the costs associated with making a poor material selection or failing to fully match the needs of a specific application or media.

In addition, leading gasket suppliers will offer a range of support services such as prototyping, CAD drawing support, kanban production quantities, emergency service, product knowledge and training, bar coding, EDI, etc. At CRG, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide array of support services to ensure that needs beyond mere product supply are fully met.

If you are seeking a reliable and proven source of supply for your gasket and sealing needs, consider CRG. Our sales representatives will be pleased to speak with you about your needs and how CRG can help achieve your business objectives.

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