Choosing Your Converting Partner

Converting companies are firms that specialize in combining and transforming raw materials such as rubbers, polyesters, adhesives, silicone, adhesive tapes, foams, plastics, felts, liners, as well as other materials, into new products.

Converters create new products from raw materials through a number of different processes and capabilities, including: CNC or die cutting; roll slitting and laminating; machining and finishing; forming; adhesive coating; assembly; and more.

Converters help their customers in three main ways. First, they can supply product manufacturers with new parts and components for OEM applications. Second, they can supply many types of businesses with MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) parts and components to keep equipment and machinery running. And, finally, they can provide product designers and engineers with the development and prototyping of parts and components for new products.

Because the experience and capabilities of converters can vary widely, buyers should choose their converting partner wisely. Making an informed choice can save time, costs, and headaches. In this blog, we briefly look at how CRG can help customers with their converting needs.

How CRG can help with your converting needs

CRG is a full-service converter and fabricator of flexible materials. We service the needs of customers seeking flexible material parts and components for MRO, OEM, and product development applications. We can produce parts from a variety of flexible materials, including elastomers, foams and sponges, plastics, films, foils, non-wovens, corks and felts, and more. Converting and fabrication capabilities that CRG can offer includes the following:

  • CNC, flat bed, and rotary die cutting

  • Plastics routing and machining

  • Kiss cutting

  • Precision slitting

  • Laminating and bonding

  • Punching and perforating

  • PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) application

  • Skiving, creasing and cuffing

  • Materials selection

…and more.

Customers coming to CRG are often seeking either a commodity-type item, such as a gasket or seal, or a one-of-a-kind solution. The latter type of customer is looking for that special part or component, custom cut or fabricated from flexible materials, to service a relatively unique application. By combining our extensive knowledge of flexible materials with advanced production technologies, CRG is able to produce custom cut and fabricated parts that will service almost any application.

If you have a need for parts and components custom produced from flexible materials, consider CRG as your preferred converting partner.

To find out more about how we can service your needs, please contact our sales team directly at