Coloured Molded Automotive Grommets

An interesting Automotive and OEM product that Canada Rubber Group (CRG) is supplying to the transportation and mass transit industry is coloured molded automotive grommets. These grommets are molded from a coloured compound, usually grey in colour, so that they stand out from the black components to which they are affixed. This allows them to be scanned and detected by sensors on the OEM production line, thus assuring that they are in place.

In automotive applications, grommets are a type of seal, usually molded from rubber and other materials, such as Santoprene™ or nylon. In vehicles, grommets have a wide range of applications. They are usually employed to protect vehicle lines, wire and cable from chafing or abrading on rough surfaces, to dampen vibration when used as mounting grommets, and to function as seals in various above- or under-the-hood and body applications.

An example of coloured molded automotive grommets that CRG supplies are the windshield wiper assembly grommets that we supply to Mercedes-Benz. These grommets consist of three types: a heater grommet, and an upper and lower grommet. The upper and lower grommets are molded from EPDM rubber, while the heater grommet is molded from Santoprene™ material.

Santoprene™ belongs to the family of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). Close to EPDM rubber in elastomeric properties, Santoprene™ combines the advantages of rubber with that of plastic. The material is an excellent choice for flexible engineered parts that require long-term performance and durability in demanding applications, such as automotive.

CRG can supply custom coloured molded automotive components, including grommets, produced from a wide array of rubbers and other materials. For automotive applications, we recommend materials such as EPDM or Santoprene™ that can support severe-service conditions and withstand the effects of aging through exposure to UV light. Selecting the right material ensures reliability and durability of the grommet in service, thus preventing part failure and the need for premature replacement.

For automotive applications, CRG provides a full range of services to support the grommet supply process, including: assisting customers with material selection; math data and 2D/3D CAD drawings; program management; EDI; bar coding; global logistics management; inventory warehouse management to support JIT delivery; and the provision of all levels of PPAP. We have proven experience in supplying parts to the vehicle programs of many of the world’s leading automakers, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and more.

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