Compression Packing: Braided Packing

The most commonly used compression packing on the market today is braided packing, manufactured using three main components: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin, graphite, and silicone oil.

Braided packing using those three components was first introduced to the marketplace some 30 years ago by W.L. Gore Associates, Inc. This type of braided packing is probably the most consistent high-performance general service packing used today. The maximum temperature range exceeds just over 500°F, the chemical range is 0-14 pH, and the packing will service shaft speeds up to 4,300 fpm.

Since its introduction to the market 30 years ago, many North American, European, and off-shore packing manufacturers have produced their own proprietary brands of braided packing. CRGI carries and stocks braided packing manufactured by Teadit Group. This braided packing is an excellent choice for general service applications involving pumps, agitators, mixers, and dryers. It also works exceptionally well in many refiner applications.

Braided packing is long-lasting in non-abrasive applications and, as long as service temperature limits are not exceeded, it will not harden after several months’ usage. Typically, this style of braided packing shows minimal shaft wear when extracted, testifying to its durability. Another advantage of braided packing is that it is very easy to install and remove from stubborn stuffing boxes.

To ensure that you are buying the genuine article, always check the manufacturer’s data sheet (MSDS) when buying braided packing. Section 3 of the MSDS should clearly show the three key ingredients of a braided packing PTFE resin, graphite, and silicone oil. Each key ingredient should be present in a concentration exceeding 20 per cent. This will assure that you have likely purchased a very reliable high-performance general service packing that you can use in the field with confidence.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) stocks and sells Teadit Style 2007 braided packing. This braided packing, manufactured by Teadit Group, is high-quality braided packing that is the preferred economical choice for general service applications. Teadit 2007 packing is an interlock braid, utilizing TEADIT’s EG2 PTFE/graphite yarn and a high temperature break-in lubricant. The EG2 yarn is formed from expanded PTFE in which fine particles of pure graphite have been encapsulated. The resulting packing combines the chemical resistance of PTFE with the heat dissipation characteristics of graphite, thus allowing much higher shaft speeds than conventional PTFE packings.

Style 2007 is chemically inert over the entire 0-14 pH range with these exceptions: molten alkali metals, fluorides, alum, fuming nitric acid, aqua regia, and other strong oxidizing agents. This style is an excellent general service and corrosive service packing. It is commonly used in pumps, valves, rotating and reciprocating shafts, mixers and agitators, and is especially designed for services involving surface speeds and temperatures higher than those that can be handled by pure PTFE packing.

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