CRG Converting: Kitting and Assembly Services

An important part of CRG’s converting operations is providing customers with kitting and assembly services. In this blog, we look at how kitting and assembly services can add value to customers, reducing their handling requirements as well as costs.

About CRG kitting services

Kitting is a process where individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. Kitting is especially useful in situations where customers consume or use a group of separate products together. Kitting the products can reduce the time and costs involved with handling separate products – the kit can be moved to its point of consumption, where all the needed products are readily available for use. The main advantages of kitting are the following:

  • Freeing up space. By using kits, you can free up warehouse and production space that would otherwise be tied up with multiple products.

  • Improving productivity. Kits can greatly reduce the time associated with moving and handling multiple products.

  • Improving inventory and cash flow. Kitting products can reduce the number of SKU’s to be stored, as well as reducing the cash outlays associated with their purchase.

CRG offers kitting services to customers where grouping products into kits will add value to the customer’s value chain and operations. Kits are built, packaged, and delivered in accordance with each customer’s requirements. Our experienced sales team will be pleased to review your kitting needs and propose on how CRG can help.

About CRG assembly services

Assembly services are used where individual parts need to be added sequentially to create a final product. At CRG, product assembly services can include assembly operations themselves, as well as inspection, testing, and packaging of the assembled product.

For our customers, CRG can manufacture, assemble, stock and deliver products. Our service is built on a foundation of reliability, cost-efficacy, and responsiveness. Benefits that can result from having CRG assemble product includes the following:

  • Increasing customer value-add. Supplying product already assembled allows customers to reduce or eliminate assembly operations from within their own businesses. Besides reducing costs, this also allows customers to focus more on their core value-adding activities.

  • Reducing inventory. Pre-assembled product saves customers from having to stock quantities of the component parts needed to assemble a product.

CRG offers assembly services to customers for those products that are created from the individual parts which we manufacture. Besides the assembly of parts into the final product, CRG can also offer inspection, testing, and packaging as part of our assembly service offering. Speak to our sales team to learn about how you might benefit from CRG assembly services.

CRG is a full-service converter and fabricator of flexible materials. We service the needs of customers seeking flexible material parts and components for MRO, OEM, and product development applications. We can produce parts from a variety of flexible materials, including elastomers, foams and sponges, plastics, films, foils, non-wovens, corks and felts, and more. 

Our manufacturing capabilities include the following:

  • CNC, flat bed, and rotary die cutting

  • Plastics routing and machining

  • Kiss cutting

  • Precision slitting

  • Laminating and bonding

  • Punching and perforating

  • PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) application

  • Skiving, creasing and cuffing

  • Materials selection

By combining our extensive knowledge of flexible materials with advanced production technologies, CRG is able to produce custom cut and fabricated parts that will service almost any application.

To find out more about how CRG can help service your needs, please contact our sales team at