CSM Gaskets

With the exit of DuPont Performance Elastomers from the Hypalon® business in April, 2010, users of severe service gaskets made from this material may encounter supply issues. This blog clarifies the current situation with respect to the availability of Hypalon® gaskets in the marketplace.

Hypalon® was a trademark for chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber (CSM) noted for its resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet light. Hypalon® was formerly a product of DuPont Performance Elastomers (DPE), a subsidiary of DuPont. In May, 2009 DPE communicated with customers its intention to exit the Hypalon® business. DPE followed through on this intention by ceasing Hypalon® production in April, 2010.

Since then, CSM (formerly Hypalon®) gaskets have continued to be available in the marketplace. For example, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) can produce Compressed Fiber Sheet gaskets with a CSM binder from sheet material made by Teadit North America.

CSM is one of the most durable elastomers. It demonstrates almost complete resistance to UV/ozone and will not degrade with long-term sunlight exposure. It has excellent resistance to abrasion, oil, most chemicals and acids, and it also possess good dielectric strength, and low moisture absorption. CSM gaskets are often a preferred choice for industrial, automotive and petrochemical applications.

CSM gaskets are known to maintain their properties and characteristics in demanding environments, making these gaskets suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. CSM gaskets are among the most durable available, especially as the material exhibits excellent resistance to ultraviolet light (UV) and ozone, and thus will not degrade under exposure to sunlight.

CSM gaskets exhibit excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and acids, making these gaskets an excellent choice for severe service applications. In addition, the good dielectric strength and low moisture absorption of CSM gaskets make these seals suitable for many construction and automotive applications.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) produces precision-cut CSM binder CFS gaskets from sheet material supplied by Teadit North America. Teadit style NA-1085 is a severe service CSM sheet that is specifically formulated to provide an effective seal against most acids in the process industries. NA-1085 sheet is suitable for handling the following general media categories:

  • Water

  • Oxygenated Solvents

  • Brine

  • Neutral solutions

  • Saturated Steam

  • Refrigerants

  • Air

  • General chemical

  • Industrial gases

  • Diluted alkalis

Style NA-1085 sheet is produced from aramid fibers and bonded with CSM rubber. It is manufactured through a hot calendar process under rigorous quality control stand­ards. Using NA-1085, CRGI can produce CSM gaskets which can service the following temperature and pressures:


  • Continuous service: 392°F (200°C)

  • Maximum service: 464°F (240°C)


  • Continuous service: 725 psi (50 bar)

  • Maximum service: 1015 psi (70 bar)

All CSM gaskets made by CRGI are produced using the latest production technologies, including waterjet and flex/flash cutting. We can handle both large and small batch orders, and emergency service is available upon request. All gaskets are produced to customer specifications and tight tolerances. If you have an application which requires the use of CSM gaskets, our sales department will be pleased to speak with you.

For further information on CSM gaskets, or any of the other fine gaskets and seals we can supply, please contact our sales department directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.