Custom Fabricated Parts from Foam and Sponge Materials

In addition to rubber sheet and other substrates from which we fashion custom fabricated products, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) carries an extensive inventory of foam and sponge materials. Foam and sponge are wonderfully versatile materials which allow us to create a wide variety of products for our customers.

Foam and sponge materials exhibit different mechanical and physical properties that support a wide range of uses and purposes. Each of the foam and sponge material types we carry is available in several densities, and polymer variations (download a PDF of our Foam and Sponge Materials).

Foam is distinct from sponge as a material. Foam rubber is produced when a gas is blown into a liquid mixture, creating numerous small bubbles.

Sponge, on the other hand, consists of two types: open cell and closed cell. Open cell sponge is formed in a mold. Sodium bicarbonate is added to the uncured rubber material in the mold. The sodium bicarbonate "effervesces" to create a network of open interconnected cells. Closed cell sponge is formed when released nitrogen gas creates bubbles that remain completely closed within the material. Closed cell sponges have a more solid, yet lightweight structure, while open cell sponges are softer and more breathable.

A hybrid material is semi-open cell foam which is created by physically bursting the closed foam cells during the setting process to create an amalgam product which is softer and easier to compress.

Closed cell sponge is a material to consider in any of the following applications:

  • Thermal insulation

  • Seals and gaskets which protect against the intrusion of moisture, UV light, or dirt

  • Joint fillers and edge extrusions

  • Packaging

Open cell sponge is a material to consider in any of the following applications:

  • Seating

  • Automotive trim

  • Filters

  • Acoustic applications

  • Packaging

Combining foam and sponge materials with our advanced manufacturing capabilities allows CRGI to create custom fabricated parts for all the above applications. In addition to waterjet, flash, die and kiss cutting, we can skive, buff, adhesive coat, laminate, and finish every custom foam and sponge part as required. Our sales department will be pleased to handle any of your questions on the foam and sponge materials we carry and the custom fabricated parts we can produce.

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