Custom Fabricated Parts

A key part of the CRG business is serving customers who need that special part custom fabricated from rubber or other materials. Often, these parts consist of special size and/or complex geometries or configurations that do not lend themselves to machine-based cutting or manufacturing. For these types of parts, customers turn to the specialized skills of CRG’s fabrication staff.

Custom fabricated parts: examples

Examples of parts that must be custom fabricated include the following:

  • Over-sized or extra-large gaskets and seals that cannot be executed by die or CNC cutting due to their size. These types of gaskets and seals are typically for specialized applications, including pressure vessels, boilers, turbines, and the like.

  • Parts with complex geometries that cannot be machine cut. These complicated shapes sometimes require job-specific fixtures to be built that permits their manufacture. In many cases, specialized fabrication techniques must be employed, such as splicing, skiving, joining, and bonding.

  • Parts of unusual length or dimensions. Extra-long parts often require the part to be fabricated in stages, with each successive stage being joined and bonded onto the previous.

  • Impact-resistant linings that have to applied to material storage bins, hoppers and the like. These linings have to be custom cut and fitted, as well as bonded in place.

Custom fabrication services from CRG

Because these types of parts do not lend themselves to machine-based manufacture, CRG relies on the deep experience and skill of our fabrication department. Our fabricators have many years of experience in solving the problems needed to produce non-standard parts for our customers. This experience has been developed over the years by working extensively with a variety of materials, including elastomers, foams and sponges, plastics, and other specialty materials.

In addition, CRG has developed proprietary technologies and methods for addressing the challenges associated with special part fabrication. This includes technologies for surface preparation and treatment, skiving, splicing, joining, and bonding using application-specific adhesives.

In working with customers to produce parts which require special fabrication, CRG offers a range of support services, including part review and evaluation, material advisement and selection, and installation guidance.

If you have a need for that special part which presents real manufacturing challenges or is otherwise difficult to obtain, CRG will be pleased to review your needs and propose an appropriate solution. To find out more about our custom fabrication services, please contact our team at