Cut and Fabricated Rubber Parts: Buy with Confidence from CRG

It can be tempting to view cut and fabricated rubber parts as commodity items. This type of thinking can lead to frustration and actually increase costs and risks – suppliers of cut or fabricated rubber parts vary widely in their experience, expertise, capabilities, and the level of quality and service they offer. Not all parts and not all suppliers offer equal value or performance. In this blog we list 4 reasons why you should consider CRG as your preferred supplier when sourcing cut or fabricated rubber parts.

Reason #1: Proven experience

Since our founding in 1987, CRG has acquired decades of experience in supplying cut and fabricated rubber parts. We know rubber materials, their properties and characteristics, and we know how to manufacture products from them. In addition, our extensive experience has exposed us to a huge array of applications and application challenges. Another advantage for us is our extensive inventory of rubber materials, on which we can use our experiential knowledge to advise on, and solve, application challenges.

Reason #2: Proven expertise

Cutting and fabricating parts from rubber materials requires extensive knowledge in how rubbers behave when machined or fabricated, as well as knowing how they perform in use. By their very nature, rubber materials can be challenging to handle and process into finished products. That’s why we created the CRG production system: a manufacturing system designed specifically to convert elastomers into high performing products. Our expertise allows us to ensure that all finished products meet customer requirements, specifications and tolerances, and where specialized fabrication techniques are required, such as splicing, joining, bonding, or finishing, we can produce a final product that will be fully fit for its intended purpose. In addition, we have expertise in producing parts that require extra-sizing or specialized geometries for their application or use.

Reason #3: In-house production and quality control

Unlike some other providers, CRG in-sources all aspects of our production operations for cut or fabricated rubber parts, giving us complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process. Utilizing the CRG production system, all cut or fabricated parts are produced in-house on the latest CNC equipment, including waterjet cutting, providing customers with the confidence that their parts will meet the required specifications and tolerances. All stages of production are controlled through our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, meaning that customers can be sure that the desired quality level will be consistently achieved, order to order. In addition, we employ Lean Six Sigma practices to continually improve the value we add to our customers.

Reason #4: Superior customer experience

At CRG, we pride ourselves on providing customers with highest levels of service and support. We regularly measure our customer satisfaction levels, consistently ranking 30%+ higher than the industry average. When dealing with CRG, customers can be assured of friendly, prompt service, delivery as promised, and parts that are consistent in fit and finish.

If you are in the market for cut or fabricated rubber parts, or parts made from other materials such as plastics or specialty materials, CRG’s team will be pleased to review your needs. To find out more about how we can help meet your needs, please contact our sales team at