Fabric Reinforced Gaskets

Fabric reinforced gaskets (sometimes called cloth inserted gaskets) can provide additional mechanical stability and reduced creep/relaxation in sealing applications involving flanged joints and high compressive loads. These gaskets can service applications with low pressures, hot and/or cold water, saturated steam and low pressure steam.

Fabric reinforced gaskets are manufactured from rubber sheet that has one or more plies, or layers, of fabric inserted in the rubber material to give additional strength and stability. Rubber compounds frequently used include Neoprene (CR), EPDM, SBR, and NBR, manufactured either singly or in blended combinations. Fabrics often used for the inserts include cloth, duck, nylon, cotton, fiberglass, or other materials.

Improving gasket stability and creep/relaxation are important factors for achieving good sealing performance in many applications. Gaskets with fabric insertions can have greater structural stability and resistance to buckling. The fabric inserts can also reduce creep/relaxation. This is the degree to which a gasket spreads or thins out as a loading force is applied – as a gasket loses thickness, the loading bolts can loosen or relax, leading to a loss of load and effective sealing performance.

Fabric reinforced gaskets from CRG

CRG fabric reinforced gaskets are supplied cut from a range of materials. These materials are available in a choice of styles, thicknesses and durometers, with single or multiple plies of fabric inserted. CRG can supply custom cut fabric reinforced gaskets manufactured from almost any rubber compound. Common compounds we often use for the manufacture of fabric reinforced gaskets include the following:

  • Neoprene fabric reinforced gaskets. These gaskets are suitable for applications involving pumps, meters, regulators, and control devices, where minimal resistance to oil is required and where hot and/or cold water is being used.

  • EPDM fabric reinforced gaskets. These gaskets work well in applications where resistance to ozone is required.

  • SBR fabric reinforced gaskets. Made from SBR red rubber sheet, these gaskets are suitable for applications involving hydraulics or the transfer of air, water, or low pressure steam.

  • NBR fabric reinforced gaskets. These gaskets provide good chemical resistance and are suitable for use in applications involving oil, caustic chemicals, and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

CRG can also manufacture fabric reinforced gaskets made from blended rubber compounds, including SBR/NBR sheet, NBR/CR/SBR sheet, and others.

All fabric reinforced gaskets we make are produced on the latest CNC equipment in our production facility registered to ISO 9001:2015. We custom cut our gaskets to each customer’s specifications and requirements. Our experienced staff is available to review your application needs and assist with material selection. We are equally adept at handling large or small orders and emergency service is available upon request.

To find out more about the fabric reinforced gaskets which CRG can supply, please contact our sales team at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.