Featured Mat of the Month: Anti-Fatigue Mats

Choose the right anti-fatigue mat for any workstation

Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to improve worker safety and productivity. Good quality anti-fatigue mats can significantly reduce the discomfort and tiredness workers experience from standing or walking in work areas. Anti-fatigue mats absorb the shock due to walking and this cushioning effect of the mat reduces foot fatigue. In addition, a well-designed anti-fatigue mat can greatly reduce the incidence of slips and falls in a work area.

Reduce trips, slips, and falls

Choosing an anti-fatigue mat means choosing a mat that best suits the requirements of your workplace.  First off, you will always want to choose a mat that reduces the risk of workers tripping on the mat. To address this concern, mats with beveled edges, such as our At-Ease, Workstation Plus, or Utopia Pebble mats, allow workers to move safely on and off the mat, with little risk of tripping or falling.

Another consideration is whether the work area is dry or wet. Where water, grease, oil or other fluids can accumulate on a work area floor and create a slip hazard, choose an anti-fatigue mat with a high-traction non-slip surface, such as our Workstation Plus or Utopia Pebble. For dry work areas, our At-Ease and Pillomat anti-fatigue mats are the mats of choice.

Hard or soft mats: pros and cons

Choosing a mat that is too soft is as bad as choosing one which is too hard. What is important is the resiliency of the mat’s surface: how well the mat responds to, and recovers from, stress and force applied to it. Good anti-fatigue mats quickly return to their original shape and profile as workers’ weight shifts on the mat surface. Mats that are too soft can actually increase fatigue and wear more quickly than a good resilient mat. Mats that are too hard offer an unyielding surface to workers and can increase muscle strain and tiredness.

Depending upon your application, it may be important to consider how you will keep an anti-fatigue mat clean. If a mat is being used in clean room, healthcare, or food service/production areas, it will be important to choose a mat that does not trap dirt or bacteria and create unsanitary conditions.

Finally, always choose an anti-fatigue mat that is well-constructed from quality materials. Cheap mats are false economy – such mats wear out quickly and have to be replaced frequently. Quality mats, in contrast, are much more resistant to abrasion and chemicals and are much more durable as a result.

CRGI carries an extensive selection of high-quality anti-fatigue mats. Unlike cheaper quality mats, our mats are resilient, durable, and long-lasting. Our anti-fatigue mats can be sized to order and come in a variety of styles that suit a range of applications.

To find out more about the anti-fatigue mats we offer, contact our sales department today at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.