Featured Mat of the Month: Stamina Rubber Sports Matting

An important application area for rubber matting is that of sports facilities, including gymnasiums, fitness centres, athletic facilities, and multi-purpose rooms. Rubber mats make excellent flooring solutions for sports-related applications. Used in these applications, rubber sports matting provides a non-absorbent and cut resistant flooring surface that stands up extremely well to wear and tear.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. is now carrying Stamina heavy-duty rubber matting for sports-related applications. Stamina is 100 per cent recycled vulcanized flooring that can be adhered, loose laid, or interlocked. The non-porous surface of Stamina rubber matting makes it an ideal flooring product for use in fitness centres, hockey arenas, free weight/fitness facilities or anywhere that a tough, slip-resistant, easy-to-clean floor is required. The matting features a smooth surface and a textured bottom.

Stamina rubber sports matting is available in five colours: black; earth; grey; red; and blue. Custom logo cutting on mats is available. Mats are available in two formats: square and interlock. Square mats are sized at 48” x 72”, while interlocking mats are sized at 46” x 69” and 22.2” x 22.2”. Both square and interlocking mats are available in three sizes: 10mm (3/8”); 12mm (1/2”); and 17mm (3/4”).

Stamina rubber sports matting is rated at 80 Shore A hardness and the matting conforms to a number of ASTM standards (see table below).

Stamina Rubber Sports Matting -   Technical Specifications

  • Wear level   thickness

  • ASTM F410

  • >0.050 (passes)

  • Static load   resistance

  • ASTM F970

  • 0.002 (passes)

  • Resistance to   chemicals

  • ASTM F925

  • Good

  • Resistance to   heat

  • ASTM F1514

  • 4.29 (passes)

  • Abrasion   resistance

  • ASTM D3389

  • 0.16 gr. (passes)

  • Dimensional   stability

  • ASTM F2199

  • Across (passes)

  • Critical radiant   flux

  • ASTM E648-03

  • No Class

  • Co-efficient of   friction

  • ASTM C1028

  • >0.80 dry >0.64 wet

  • Moisture   absorption

  • ASTM D570

  • 0.27%

  • Thickness

  • ASTM F386

  • Passes

  • Size

  • ASTM F2055

  • Passes

  • Squareness

  • ASTM F2055

  • Passes

  • Quality of cut

  • ASTM F511

  • Passes

  • Qualifies LEED   points

  • Yes

  • Anti-microbial /   anti-fungal properties

  • Yes

Stamina rubber sports matting has a non-porous surface possesses a tough, slip-resistant surface. The mat has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. These mats have applicability in the following environments:

  • Gymnasia and athletic centres

  • Fitness centres

  • Weight rooms

  • Workout and exercise rooms

  • Ice arenas

  • Ski areas/resorts

  • Hotels

  • Locker rooms

  • Multi-purpose rooms

  • Dog and equine training facilities

To find out more about Stamina sports rubber matting, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com for additional information.