Felt Gaskets and Fabricated Products

Felt is an extremely versatile material. At CRG, we use felts in various compositions, thicknesses, densities, and durometers to fashion a wide range of products, including felt gaskets and fabricated products.

About Felt

One of the oldest materials, felt is a textile that is manufactured by matting and pressing fibres together. Felt can be made from natural materials such as wool, or from synthetic fibres like rayon or acrylics. Blended felts are also available which consist of a combination of natural and synthetic fibers.

Felt comes in various lengths, widths, densities, and thicknesses. It is typically supplied in rolls or sheets and is available in a wide spectrum of colours. Felt has absorbent properties, allowing it to retain and wick water, oil, and other liquids. It is also durable and resistant to wear and tearing, will hold its edges, and will not unravel when cut. It is an excellent insulator for both temperature and sound, and is widely used in commercial and non-commercial applications.

CRG Felt Gaskets and Fabricated Products

At CRG, we work with a variety of felts, including pressed wool, polyester, and woven. Felt is a proven material to use in sealing applications and those where cushioning is required between two adjoining surfaces.

Pressed wool gaskets are made with multiple layers of material and have good resistance to solvents and oil. Polyester felt gaskets can service a higher temperature range than those made from pressed wool. In addition to gaskets, the absorbent property of felt makes it an excellent choice for die cut products where absorbing fluids or noise is a requirement.

Woven felt is a denser material than either pressed wool or polyester felt. This material is an excellent sealing choice in applications where preventing the ingress of dust or contaminants is a concern. It is also a superior material choice for applications where shock and impact dampening are required, such as equipment pads and NVH parts.

Felt is a material that is easy to work and die cut into specific shapes. For this reason, it is an excellent material to consider for producing custom fabricated parts designed to suppress noise and vibration. For example, at CRG we have used felt to produce equipment mounting pads which resist the shock and vibration from machinery.

At CRG, we process felt using traditional die cutting and CNC cutting. Our capabilities allow us to apply pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing, and also to kiss-cut parts while leaving the PSA backing intact. Where required, we can also bond together various thicknesses of felt to produce the desired thickness.

If you have a need for felt gaskets and fabricated products, our sales team will be pleased to discuss your needs. Please contact us directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.