Food Service Matting

Food service workplaces and environments are ones where extra care must be taken to prevent injuries due to slips and falls. Food preparation and storage areas in restaurants, cafeterias, retirement homes, hospitals, and retail establishments can often become wet and greasy, creating slip hazards. In these environments, it is essential to use food service matting to reduce the risk of injury resulting from slips and falls.

Key considerations when choosing food service matting are the resistance of the mat to degradation from oils and greases, the non-slip surface of the mat, the backing which will eliminate or minimize creeping, and the drainage which the mat affords for spills and liquids. A good food service mat addresses most, if not all, of these considerations and affords the greatest protection from slips and falls.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) can supply a variety of food service matting especially designed to address the challenging requirements of food service workplaces. Food service matting types, and the applications they serve, which we can supply include the following:


This food service mat is designed to offer protection, comfort, durability and drainage in oily areas. Ultimat is made from a grease-proof rubber compound that is especially formulated for durability. The raised design provides greater traction in oily conditions, and features no trip edges on all sides. The underside of the mat is profiled to provide an anti-fatigue surface and superior grip with the floor surface. Available in black or red.

Super G Mat

This mat features a surface made from crushed garnet which provides secure footing in greasy and oily areas. The backing resists creeping and the low profile all but eliminates trip hazards. This mat also resist bacterial and fungal growth.

Grip Rock and Grip Rock Freezer Mat

Grip Rock is a non-slip mat with a surface of ceramic beads and crushed garnet, with a fibreglass centre and polyurethane back. It is an ideal mat to use where slipping is a real risk. Grip Rock Freezer is a low profile mat specifically designed for use in freezers and coolers. This mat features a crushed garnet surface and is thin enough to fit under freezer doors. It is available in loose-lay or adhere-down formats.

CRGI can provide a mat which will service the most demanding food service applications. Our matting is available in standard sizes, custom cut to fit, or in rolls.

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