Gaskets and Compression Packing: Supplier Know-How Can Make a Difference

Gaskets and compression packing are among the simplest sealing components. However, the impact of poor quality, incorrect selection, or poor fit is only appreciated when an installation begins to fail and leak, resulting in unexpected repair costs. Choosing your supplier wisely can help reduce these costly failures.

When choosing a supplier for gaskets and compression packing, look for proven capabilities and expertise in these four areas:

  1. Materials

  2. Products

  3. Manufacture

  4. Support

Firstly, materials knowledge is key differentiator of gasket and packing suppliers. Reputable suppliers carry materials from recognized manufacturers, and they know intimately the materials they stock and the applications they serve. Good suppliers are able to provide guidance for selecting the optimal material for a specific application. Their knowledge extends beyond just knowing the physical properties of the materials they supply: they know the relative advantages of each material, know which materials will service which media, and understand which materials can service special operating conditions or regulatory requirements.

Secondly, choose suppliers of gaskets and packing who can supply a wide range of products. Besides increasing the likelihood that the supplier can service your needs, offering a full range of products can be indicative of both the breadth and depth of the supplier`s knowledge and expertise. Good suppliers have a full range of gasket and packing products that can also service industry regulatory requirements, such as NSF 61 for potable water, or FDA food-grade requirements.

Thirdly, always deal with suppliers with advanced production capabilities. These suppliers can provide superior high-quality gaskets and compression packing, as well as off-the-shelf standard products. Suppliers who use advanced production technologies can produce custom cut gaskets of superior fit and finish, resulting in trouble-free installations and service.

Finally, consider the level of support that a supplier can provide. Supplier support extends from providing advice and guidance to offering value-added services such as inventory management to support JIT, program management, logistics management, EDI, bar coding, etc. Suppliers with rich support capabilities will be better able to satisfy your needs and identify further opportunities for value-add.

As a leading provider of sealing solutions, Canada Rubber Group Inc.`s unique mix of technical know-how, wide materials and product range, and support services help our customers achieve reliable productivity. Our sales and product specialists work intensively with buyers and users in a wide variety of industries. This gives us a deep knowledge of our products and their applications, and allows us to help our customers address their sealing needs and challenges. Our market know–how also allows us to develop new customized solutions and techniques with our supply chain partners, thereby creating superior solutions and cost savings for our customers.

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