Gaskets and Parts from MicroPore® M-15 Material

MicroPore® M-15 non-asbestos gasket material is a material that CRG uses to produce gaskets and parts that are used in heavy-duty applications, such as compressors, machinery, diesel engines, and more. This material is designed to service applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 205°C (400°F).

M-15 material is composed of a synthetic fiber with polychloroprene binder, pink in colour. The material has excellent low flange pressure sealability and bolt torque retention. It is an excellent gasket material for fabricating seals and parts for a variety of industrial, automotive, and commercial applications.

Gaskets and parts from M-15 material

CRG uses M-15 material to fabricate a variety of gaskets and parts. Gaskets made from M-15 material are suitable for heavy-duty applications in industrial and automotive settings. We can create precision-cut gaskets from M-15 material that satisfy each customer’s design and application requirements.

Cutting methods we employ to produce these gaskets include CNC flat-bed and rotary die cutting, as well as traditional die cutting with steel rule dies. For parts that involve a low quantity requirement, CRG usually uses water-jet or flex/flash cutting as the preferred production method in order to eliminate the need for a costly tool or die.

M-15 material lends itself to the production of rotary die cut parts, with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing. The image attached to this blog shows parts supplied in roll form, with PSA backing, coming off the CRG rotary die cutter.

CRG can apply adhesive to one or both sides of the surface of M-15 material, creating easy-to-peel adhesive parts. This can be done for parts that we produce from M-15 materials, including gaskets and seals, washers, and spacers and shims. We can supply a range of adhesive backings, suitable for almost any application situation.

The use of adhesives to produce adhesive-backed parts offers many advantages, including the elimination of messy cements during assembly operations, as well as reduced labour time, and ensuring that all parts are uniformly coated with same amount of adhesive.

CRG’s sales team will be pleased to review your application requirements and discuss further the advantages of M-15 material. Please contact our sales team at to learn more about M-15 material, or to obtain product samples or price quotations for finished gaskets and parts.