Glass Protection Pads from CRG

CRG can custom fabricate glass protection pads (also known as glass transit, separator, or shipping pads) to protect architectural or residential glass, mirrors or other products during transit or shipment. These pads are often used by manufacturers and vendors to ensure the safe and damage-free transport of breakable or scratch-sensitive products such as glass sheets, windows, doors, etc.

When choosing a glass protection pad, two important factors should be considered:

  • The adhesive backing applied to the pad.

  • The density or firmness of the pad, which is a function of the material chosen.

We discuss each of these factors in turn. However, it is worth noting that the type of adhesive backing should be determined first as this will likely help narrow the choice of suitable materials.

Glass protection pads: adhesive backings

Two types of low tack adhesive backing are available: static (permanent or non-removable) backing or removable backing. Pads with removable adhesive backing work best with a lower temperature on the surface to which the pad is being applied. These pads leave no adhesive residue and will not mar the surface finish should any adhesive migrate onto it. Static, non-removable, backed pads work best for protecting glass that is being manufactured or transported at hot temperatures.

Glass protection pads: materials

Depending upon the type of adhesive backing chosen, glass protection pads can be manufactured from a range of materials. These include the following:

  • Foam is a material that works best with removable adhesive backing. CRG can supply pads of various sizes and thicknesses made from a variety of foam materials.

  • Felt is a good cushioning material that works well for the transit protection of glass and mirrors. CRG offers felt pads made with either a static or removable adhesive backing.

  • Glass protection pads made from cork are low-cost and popular. However, cork pads will not work in all protection applications. CRG can supply cork protection pads with either a static or removable adhesive backing.

CRG glass protection pads are produced on the latest CNC equipment and precision cut for exact dimensions and tolerances. We can handle small and large orders equally well, and we can produce high quantities quickly and cost effectively using our rotary die cutting process. All pads are produced in-house in our production facility registered to ISO 9001:2015.

To find out more about the glass protection pads which CRG can supply, please contact our sales team at