Heavy Duty Cut Parts for Waste and Recycling Applications

CRG can produce cut parts in high volume or short run that are manufactured from tough, high-abrasion belting to service waste and recycling applications. These parts can be used as replacement parts for those which have become worn on machinery and equipment, or to provide protection for equipment against wear and impact during processing operations.

Because we stock a wide variety of belting types and specifications, CRG can help you select the optimal material for your part which will provide the best protection against wear and weathering, as well as acids and chemicals. Applications which our cut parts can service include the following:

High abrasion parts

CRG can cut parts from 2, 3, and 4-ply belting that offers excellent abrasion protection and flexibility. Besides cutting parts from standard belting compounds, we can also produce parts made from compounds that are especially formulated for high abrasion resistance.

Heavy duty parts

Parts cut from single-ply, straight warp belting are designed for the toughest applications. These parts combine high-strength and impact resistance with an ability to resist tearing and gouging.

Oil and heat-resistant parts

Some recycling applications expose equipment parts to oil and heat. For these applications, we can produce parts made from belting that is formulated to withstand these elements. If required, we can also cut parts from flame resistant belting compounds.

Lightweight parts

Parts can be cut from thermoplastic belting which combines low weight with excellent durability. These parts are especially suitable for use in recycling applications which use eddy current separation.


Skirtboard is used on recycling equipment and conveyors to reduce material overflow at the loading point and prevent spillage as the materials move along the processing path. CRG can produce top quality skirtboard that can reduce equipment downtime, lengthen the interval between replacements, and decrease the costs associated with material loss and cleanup due to spillage.

Examples of heavy duty cut parts which CRG can produce for recycling applications include gaskets, seals, liners, pads, washers, and skirtboard. In addition to cut parts, we can also supply belting for recycling conveyor applications.

All cut parts which CRG produces are made on the latest CNC cutting equipment in our ISO 9001-certified facility, assuring quality and tight conformity to requirements, specifications, and tolerances. Our experienced sales team will be pleased to assist with the selection of the right material for your application. To find out more about how CRG can supply cut parts for recycling applications, please contact our sales team at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.