High Temperature Applications: Hose Wrap Sleeves and Jackets

Sleeves and jackets can mitigate the effects of heat and other stressors

Industrial hoses can often be subject to significant stresses which, in turn, cause wear and tear. If left unchecked, these stresses can result in failure of a hose, causing unplanned equipment downtime.

High on the list of stressors are exposure of a hose to heat, open flame, splash from hot substances, welding splatter and grinding sparks, and degradation from exposure to ozone, UV light, and abrasion. Protecting hoses from these stressors can prevent failure and equipment downtime.

Hose Wrap Sleeves and Jackets for Heat Protection

At Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI), we can fabricate a variety of hose wrap sleeves and jackets which are designed to mitigate the effects of heat and other forces on hoses. Employing these solutions can reduce hose replacement costs and downtime, while improving safety and productivity. Some of our solutions include the following:

  • Heat-resistant jackets, fashioned from silicone and other rubber compounds specially formulated for high-heat environments. These jackets can protect hoses from the heat emanating from adjacent equipment, open flames, molten metal splatter, or other heat stressors. Typical applications are as protective jackets for industrial hoses, cables and wire, fuel, oil and hydraulic lines and wiring, and anywhere hoses, cables, tubes and wiring require protection from heat.

  • Insulating jackets designed to protect hoses from thermal stresses. In one application, we fabricated insulating jackets for hoses containing hot coolant which were used in an extreme cold weather environment.

  • Abrasion-resistant sleeves and jackets, fashioned from wear-resistant rubbers and other materials. These sleeves and jackets can protect hoses from friction, abrasion, and cutting and scraping, shielding them from potential damage.

  • Protective sleeves and jackets, fabricated from ozone and UV-resistant rubbers, designed to protect hoses from the degradation which can result from direct exposure to ozone and UV light.

Applications we have serviced include those in the industrial, extractive resource, aggregates, and automotive markets. In all cases, we work with advanced materials that are specially formulated to provide the protection required. All our hose wrap sleeves and jacket solutions are easy to install, and can be customized for each customer’s specific needs and application requirements.

To find out more about the hose wrap sleeves and jacket solutions we can provide, please contact our sales department directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.