Lightweighting Materials: Santoprene TPV

Thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) are high-performance elastomers that combine the performance characteristics of rubber and plastics. TPV’s are part of the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) family of polymers. TPV compounds offer flexibility, durability, and ease of processing. For these reasons, TPV’s can be used to fashion sealing solutions for a variety of applications, including those in the general industrial, automotive, electrical and electronics, healthcare, consumer products, and building and construction market segments.

About Santoprene TPV

Santoprene™ is a well-known TPV. Santoprene™ comprises polypropylene, EPDM rubber, and other ingredients into a compound which can be used to produce flexible engineered parts for a variety of uses. Santoprene™ has the look and feel of EPDM rubber, but offers significantly lower weight. Parts made from Santoprene™ can weigh up to 30 percent less than their EPDM counterparts. This makes Santoprene™ an attractive choice for parts production that can assist in the “lightweighting” of vehicles.

Santoprene TPV provides excellent sealing properties and chemical and temperature resistance. A wide variety of grades are available, ranging from a hardness of 35 Shore A up to 50 Shore D. Santoprene™ contributes to environmental sustainability by being fully recyclable within the manufacturing process.

Santoprene™ for Vehicle Lightweighting

In the automotive industry, vehicle lightweighting has assumed heightened importance as automakers strive to build cars that are less heavy and more fuel efficient. A key element of lightweighting is replacing parts traditionally made from metal and replacing them with parts made from advanced composite materials such as Santoprene™.

CRG Parts from Santoprene™

CRG uses Santoprene TPV to fashion finished parts for automotive and industrial applications.  Parts we produce include the following:


  • Gaskets

  • Weatherseals, including those for doors, windows, hoods, and trunks

  • Air ducts and HVAC parts

  • Bellows and sleeves

  • Bumpers

  • Cable jacketing

  • Grommets and plugs

  • Molded and extruded parts


  • Gaskets and seals

  • Watertight seals and connectors for electrical and electronic applications

  • Vibration dampeners

  • Rail and bridge pads

  • Custom fabricated parts

If you have an application that could benefit from parts made from Santoprene TPV, CRG is your specialist provider. Our sales team will be pleased to review your application and discuss how CRG can service your needs.

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