Metal Detectable Conveyor Belting

In food grade and pharmaceutical applications it is very important to use metal detectable conveyor belting. In these applications, the use of standard urethane conveyor belts has the risk that pieces and fragments can separate off from the conveyor belt and be undetectable by metal detectors as they travel down the processing line.

To address this problem, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRG) can supply Magnethane metal detectable conveyor belting. Magnethane belting consists of a specially formulated and exclusive blend of FDA compliant metal detectable thermoplastic resins. The magnetic signature of Magnethane belting allows it to be seen by most metal detectors and X-ray devices used on packaging and production lines.

The immediate identification and removal of contamination is critical in food grade and pharmaceutical applications. The formulation of Magnethane belting allows any pieces of the belt which chip, abrade, or separate to immediately detectable on a properly calibrated metal detector. This allows for the immediate removal of any contaminants which originate from the belt.

Magnethane Metal Detectable Conveyor Belting: Features and Benefits

There are significant advantages to using Magnethane metal detectable conveyor belting in food grade and pharmaceutical applications. These include the following:

Risk Reduction

Magnethane can minimize the risk of product recalls resulting from contamination. Magnethane metal detectable conveyor belting is compliant to FDA/USDA directives and requirements for direct food contact and is ideal for light to medium duty conveying and power transmission applications.

An important feature of Magnethane belting is that it can be both detected and trapped. Any fugitive belting can be easily detected on standard metal detectors, while its magnetic properties mean that it can be trapped like metal. This greatly reduces the risk of contamination from fugitive belting.


Magnethane is available as either flat conveyor belting or as round belting or V-belting. Flat belting is available in thicknesses from 1mm to 5mm, round belting from 1/8” to 1/2″, and V-belting in Z, A, B and C sections.


Using Magnethane, CRG can custom fabricate rubber products from Magnethane belting compound which can service a variety of food grade and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. These products can replace the rubber parts and components that are often used on food and pharmaceutical processing equipment.

To find out more about Magnethane metal detectable conveyor belting, or the products that we can custom fabricate from it, please contact our sales department at