Neoprene Sheet and Sponge: Gaskets, Cut Parts and Bulk Sales

Neoprene rubber (Chloroprene or CR) is an excellent choice for gaskets and cut parts to service applications where a durable material is required. At Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI), we use neoprene sheet and sponge extensively to produce gaskets, cut parts and fabricated products, as well supplying these materials in sheet or roll form for bulk applications.

Neoprene Sheet and Sponge: Advantages

As a material, neoprene has many attractive features. These include the following:

  • Water resistance:  Neoprene resists penetration and degradation by water, making it an ideal outdoor material and an excellent choice for water-intensive applications.

  • Weather resistance: Neoprene resists degradation from sunlight, ozone, and weathering.

  • Thermal and moisture insulation: the gas cells of neoprene make it an ideal insulation material.

  • Conformability:  Neoprene readily conforms to objects and equipment of varying sizes and shapes.

  • Cushioning and protection:  Neoprene is available in various thickness and densities to absorb shocks and impacts.

  • Lightweight and buoyant:  foamed neoprene sponge is lightweight and can float on the water.

  • Chemical and oil resistance:   Neoprene resists attack from oils and many chemicals and services a wide temperature range.

Neoprene Sheet and Sponge from CRGI

CRGI can supply a variety of products manufactured from neoprene sheet and sponge. These include gaskets and seals and custom fabricated parts for industrial and automotive uses.

In addition to gaskets and cut parts, CRGI also sells bulk neoprene sheet and sponge. Open cell neoprene sponge finds application where a lightweight, easy-to-compress material is desired. Closed cell neoprene sponge has use in applications such as sound and vibration insulation, cushioning, and general gasket use. The closed cell properties of this material make it moisture and water repellent, as well as fire retardant and oil resistant. CRGI can supply open or closed cell neoprene sponge in either cut lengths or by the roll.

Neoprene sheet rubber is available from CRGI in either cut or full roll lengths. We carry an extensive inventory of thicknesses, durometers, and grades. Special grades are also available upon request.

If you have an application that would benefit from a neoprene product or part, or are sourcing cut or roll lengths of neoprene sheet or sponge, please contact our sales department directly at