New Non-Asbestos Gaskets for Severe Service Applications

As noted in a previous blog, CRGI fluid sealing specialist Bill Searle wrote in the April issue of MRO Magazine on the development of the NA 1122 gaskets. In that article, Bill highlighted the advantages of gaskets made from Teadit’s NA 1122 premium compressed non-asbestos (CNA) material. CRGI is now stocking the NA 1122 sheet material and can provide finished product for those users seeking a superior non-asbestos gasket for their severe-service applications.

NA 1122 sheet is a compressed non-asbestos sheet gasket material produced from a combination of inorganic fibers and special fillers, bonded with nitrile rubber (NBR). It is manufactured through the hot calendar process under rigorous quality control standards, including ISO 9001. NA1122 sheet was specifically developed to have superior thermal stability in order to replace compressed asbestos gasket sheets in thermal cycling applications. It is specifically recommended for saturated and superheated steam applications. It is also suitable for sealing petroleum derivates, ethanol, chemical products and general services.

Gaskets made from NA 1122 sheet are especially well-suited for those applications involving high temperatures and pressures. With NA 1122 sheet, CRGI can now offer customers a non-asbestos gasket that will provide reliable service throughout the product life-cycle. In the MRO Magazine article, Bill Searle discusses the particular advantages of NA 1122 sheet as an excellent substrate from which to fashion high-performance gaskets for severe-service applications.

As a value-add to blog readers, we are now making the article available to readers as a downloadable PDF reprint. Download your copy here: NA 1122 Non-Asbestos Gasket.