Parts for the Control of Electrostatic Discharge

Many electrical and electronic devices need to be protected from the effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD is a major enemy of sensitive electronics, including those in computers, telecommunications equipment, medical devices, power supplies, etc. Only 25 electrostatic volts are required to irreparably damage an integrated circuit!

What is ESD?

ESD is a miniaturized version of lightning. ESD damages electronic circuitry by seeking a low impedance path to ground so that differences in electrical potential can be equalized. ESD can be created by a variety of mechanisms, the most common of which is through human contact with sensitive electronics. In this case, the human body accumulates a static charge that is dissipated upon direct contact with an electronic device or component. Other mechanisms for the creation of ESD include interactions between the materials used in an electronic device, or through the rapid movement of air near an electronic device.

How can sensitive electronics be protected from ESD?

A proven way to protect sensitive electronics from the effects of ESD is through the use of electrical insulating or barrier materials. These materials are used to cover the enclosures or housing of sensitive parts and components. Should an ESD occur, the barrier material effectively shields electrical circuits and components from the discharge.

Statex™ parts for the control of electrostatic discharge

CRG is now offering parts fabricated from Statex™ material for the control of electrostatic discharge. Produced by ITW Formex, Statex is an electrically dissipative insulation material that can reliably shield electrical and electronic devices from the effects of ESD. Parts made from Statex™ material can be used in the most demanding and sensitive electronic applications where protection from ESD is essential.

What is Statex™ material?

Statex™ is a resilient polypropylene material that is UL94 V-0 rated and provides 109 to 1011 ohms/square per ASTM D257-78 surface resistivity. Statex™ has a dielctric strength of >1500V/mil (@18 mil) and moisture absorption of <0.02%. The material has excellent dimensional stability can be die or waterjet cut into fully finished parts. A further advantage of Statex™ is that the material is easily scored, allow it to be configured into flexible shapes.

How do Statex™ parts for the control of electrostatic discharge work?

CRG converts Statex™ material into fully finished parts. These parts are used to surround and shield sensitive electronics. Statex™ is a superior anti-static electrical barrier because the material does not generate static like other competing electrical insulation materials. If Statex™ comes in contact with an ESD, it safely dissipates the charge across the surface of the material to a ground.

What applications can Statex™ parts service?

Statex™ parts will service any application where shielding protection against ESD is essential. Computer manufacturers often use electrostatic dissipative or ESD materials to insulate and protect their circuit boards. As a highly effective electrical barrier and anti-static material, Statex™ is an ideal product for design engineers to use to keep circuit boards from developing static electricity between each other and from experiencing electrostatic shock from outside sources.

Statex™ is specially formulated to function in the presence of humidity and has been proven to maintain its anti-static properties over time. This means that Statex™ provides effective, enduring ESD protection in any climate for the life of your application or product.

If you have an application or product which requires reliable protection against ESD, CRG will be pleased to review your needs.

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