Parts from Belting Materials

Belting material, such as that used to fabricate conveyor belts, is an extremely tough and durable material that can be used to manufacture a wide range of finished parts. Because belting is such a strong and durable material, these parts are ideally suited for severe service-type applications where they are subjected to high stresses, impacts, and abrasion.

CRG uses a variety of belting materials to fashion end-use parts. These include materials of various formulations, as well as different thicknesses and plies. We often use multi-ply belting constructed from alternating layers of rubber and fabric, such as polyester, nylon or Kevlar®, which provides extra strength and tear resistance.

Thinner belting materials are generally used where some flexibility is desired in the finished part. Thicker belting is a preferred choice for making parts for heavy-duty applications, such as skirting for machinery and equipment. At CRG, we work with belting materials ranging from 0.25 inch thick 2-ply material, all the way up to 1.5 thick 5-ply belting material.

CRG parts from belting materials

Examples of parts that CRG can produce from belting materials include: custom cut parts; skirting and pads for equipment and machinery; liners for bins, hoppers, discharge chutes, and truck beds; replacement belts for slingers and industrial equipment; dock bumpers; mud flaps and cab coverings for vehicles; flooring and matting; snow plow blade deflector strips; and more.

When producing parts from belting materials, CRG can advise customers on the belting type and thickness that is most suitable for their application. We carry a wide range of belting materials in stock and all parts are produced in our production facility registered to ISO 9001:2015. Our production process uses the latest CNC equipment and no order is too big or small – we are equally adept at running small orders as well as large orders involving long run production.

CRG’s advanced manufacturing processes and deep experience allows us to create new parts for servicing applications. We are able to combine our CNC controlled equipment with belting materials to create precision-cut products, or use these materials in our custom fabrication processes to fashion parts that are specifically tailored for novel and unique applications.

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