Parts Manufacture for Electric Vehicles

With our extensive experience in supplying many of the world’s leading automakers with flexible parts for their vehicle programs, CRG is well positioned to serve the needs of electric vehicle producers. CRG’s proven expertise, coupled with our global supply relationships, means that we are capable of handling the current and emerging needs of the electric vehicle market.

CRG specializes in supplying vehicle parts that are made from elastomeric and other specialty materials. Key categories of parts for electric vehicles that we can supply include the following:

Electric vehicles: EMI shielding parts

In electric vehicles, it is important to protect electronics from the undesirable effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI). CRG can work with electric vehicle OEM’s early in the design process to supply EMI shielding solutions that shield sensitive vehicle electronics from the damaging effects of EMI.

Electric vehicles: battery pack seals

Gaskets or seals are used in electric vehicle battery packs to prevent the ingress of water, dust, moisture, and salt. Besides sealing out the elements, CRG battery pack seals help to control and regulate heat produced by the battery pack, and they also prevent the fugitive emission of gas and liquids. These seals also help to dampen noise and vibration that could degrade the battery pack or annoy vehicle occupants.

CRG battery pack seals provide super sealing capabilities over a long lifespan, with extreme temperature resistance (-60°C to 230°C) in EV battery pack applications where temperatures can fluctuate significantly.

Electric vehicles: lightweighting parts

Maximizing an electric vehicle’s operating range through the use of lightweighting materials is a key consideration for OEM’s. CRG works with OEM’s and their suppliers to provide parts made from the latest generation of performance materials, including elastomers and foams and sponges. These parts can substantially reduce the weight of the components and systems into which they are installed, thereby contributing to vehicle lightweighting.

Electric vehicles: ride experience parts

CRG can supply parts for shock absorption and dampening, as well as those for soundproofing and sealing. Materials we work with include elastomers, foams and sponges, non-wovens, and plastics. Examples of parts we have supplied include: fuel tank cushions and isolator pads; door check seals; noise-reducing window and door seals; radiator dampening pads; rear hatch dampening bumpers; grommets to secure wiring and cables; and more.

If you are sourcing parts for electric vehicles, CRG can help. We have supplied vehicle parts to major OEM’s, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz.

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