Protecting Your Equipment with Rubber Linings

Machinery and equipment represents a significant portion of a facility’s invested capital. Protecting machines and equipment from abrasion, impact, corrosion, and other destructive forces, extends their life, minimizing unplanned downtime and assuring maximum yield.

How do rubber linings work?

Machinery and equipment are key assets that are used in many industrial processes. Linings made from wear-resistant rubber are often applied onto machinery and equipment to safeguard parts and components from mechanical abuse and chemical attack. Rubber linings offer superior protection in severe operating conditions, such as those found in mining and resource extraction, aggregates, and some industrial processes.

What are the advantages of rubber linings?

Lining equipment with wear-resistant rubber offers significant cost savings and other benefits that include the following:

• Extended equipment life. Rubber linings promote the longevity of equipment assets, preventing significant capital investment and downtime.

• Equipment protection. Rubber linings defend against abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, slurries, and aggregates, reducing equipment wear and repairs.

• Cost-effective solution. Rubber linings are often less expensive than other coating solutions, including ceramic.

• Superior wear resistance and longer life. Quality rubber linings provide exceptional durability.

• Reduces noise and vibration. Rubber linings provide acoustic protection by dampening the noise and vibration that result from impacts and abrasion.

• Predictable wear cycle, resulting in easy maintenance planning.

• Easily repaired or patched, making it unnecessary to re-line the entire asset.

Rubber linings from CRG

CRG fabricates rubber linings from GUARD-RITE™ materials provided by our supply chain partner American Biltrite. GUARD-RITE™ engineered lining solutions are offered in natural and synthetic polymers:

GUARD-RITE™ Natural Rubber Materials

• TEAR-GUARD 40 (Red)

• TEAR-GUARD 60 (Red)



GUARD-RITE™ Synthetic Rubber Materials

• CHEM-GUARD (Chemical resistant Butyl)

• PETRO-GUARD (Oil and gas resistant Nitrile)

• HEAT-GUARD (Temperature / climate resistant EPDM)

• FLAME-GUARD (Self-extinguishing Neoprene)

Linings made from GUARD-RITE™ natural rubber materials are the most abrasion and tear-resistant solution. These linings protect equipment in the most demanding and physically abusive situations, guarding against scratching, gouging, scraping, and tearing. GUARD-RITE™ natural rubber linings are a proven solution for protecting equipment against mechanical abuse, including storage vessels, tumblers, vibrators, cyclones, fans, pumps, pipes, chutes, hoppers, shaker / trommel screens, bins, pulley lagging, truck boxes, mine cars, skips, slurry tanks, and flotation cells.

Linings made from GUARD-RITE™ synthetic rubber materials provide superior resistance to various elements, including heat and aging, while supporting a wide range of service temperatures. CHEM-GUARD Butyl linings offer excellent chemical resistance while HEAT-GUARD EPDM linings are resistant to heat, ozone, and UV. PETRO-GUARD Nitrile linings have high oil resistance, while FLAME-GUARD Neoprene linings are flame resistant. Linings made from GUARD-RITE™ synthetic rubber are the preferred option for equipment that must resist the effects of aggressive chemicals, alkalis, acids, oxygenated and hydrocarbon solvents, gases and vapours, oils and fuels, petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, ozone and sunlight, and heat and flame.

GUARD-RITE™ linings feature a premium black textured Polychloroprene (CR) bonding layer which is adhesive-ready with no surface preparation or buffing required. Adhesives readily bond to the textured surface, no matter the type of equipment being lined. This feature greatly minimizes the need for expensive preparation and costly downtime, while reducing your inventory levels by having only one adhesive system.

CRG can supply a wide range of rubber linings from GUARD-RITE™ materials. All linings we supply are custom cut to shape and size, ensuring easy application and precise fit. Our experienced team will recommend the appropriate GUARD-RITE™ material for your application, and produce the finished linings to your exact specifications.

To find out more about how CRG can help protect your equipment investment with quality rubber linings, please contact our sales team at