PTFE Gasket Material: Texolon 9406 PTFE Sheet

Gaskets manufactured from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) sheet material offer excellent chemical resistance and low leak rates. Because of its excellent resistance to harsh chemicals, PTFE gasket material is a preferred substrate from which to produce gaskets for servicing aggressive media applications involving caustic chemicals, acids, etc.

Advantages of PTFE Sheet

Gaskets manufactured from PTFE gasket material consisting of 25 per cent glass-filled PTFE skived sheet will service about 85 per cent of all caustic chemical applications in many industries. The remaining 15 per cent of these applications can be serviced by PTFE gaskets produced from restructured or molded sheet – in fact, gaskets produced from this type of PTFE gasket material are likely better suited for Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), PVC, and cold flow applications.

In addition to producing gaskets manufactured from the PTFE gasket materials which we have always supplied, CRGI is now offering gaskets made from Texolon style 9406 PTFE sheet. This glass-filled PTFE skived sheet is an excellent addition to our portfolio of PTFE gasket materials from which we fashion PTFE gaskets.

Texolon 9406 PTFE Sheet

Texolon 9406 is a 25 per cent glass-filled PTFE skived sheet manufactured by Technetics Group based in Houston, TX. Texolon 9406 PTFE gasket material was introduced into Canada in 1997, and has successfully serviced applications in the pulp and paper and mining and steel industries.

Texolon 9406 is an outstanding PTFE gasket material of choice for producing PTFE gaskets for aggressive media applications, especially where extra rigidity and wear are required. With physical properties comparable to those of premium glass-filled PTFE skived sheet, Texolon 9406 is an excellent cost-effective alternative to more expensive glass-filled PTFE skived sheets.

Texolon 9406 is closely identical in hardness, tensile strength and elongation properties to premium glass-filled PTFE skived sheet (see Physical Properties table). PTFE gaskets produced from Texolon 9406 PTFE gasket material are white in colour. Customers who opt for PTFE gaskets manufactured from Texolon 9406 sheet can expect to see a significant cost saving without sacrificing any performance characteristics.

CRGI offers a wide range of PTFE gaskets to service a variety of demanding applications.

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